Jane's Arrival at the Tower

Jane's arrival at the Tower was later recorded by a spectator, Baptisa Spinola, who wrote...

' Today I saw Donna Jana Graia walking in a grand procession to the Tower. She is now called Queen, but is not popular, for the hearts of the people are with Mary, the Spanish Queen's daughter. This Jane is very short and thin, but prettily shaped and graceful. She has small features and a well shaped nose, the mouth flexible and the lips red. The eyebrows are arched and and darker than her hair which is nearly red. The eyes are sparkling and reddish brown in colour. I stood so near her grace that I noticed her colour was good but freckled. When she smiled she showed her teeth, which are white and sharp. In all, a gracious and animated figure. She wore a dress of green velvet, stamped with gold, with large sleeves. Her headdress was a white coif with many jewels. She walked under a canopy, her mother carrying her long train, and her husband, Guilfo, walking by her, dressed all in white and gold, a very tall strong boy with light hair, who paid her much attention. The new Queen was mounted on very high chopines to make her look taller, which were concealed by her robes, as she is very small and short. Many ladies followed, with noblemen, but this lady is very heretical and has never heard Mass, and some people did not come into the procession for that reason.'

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