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British History Links

Prehistoric Britain

Ancient Scotland Megaliths, Burials, Picts, Romans, Castles and the Isles. You'll never be short of stuff to read about Scotland's fascinating past.

Ceremonial Centre of Orkney Detailed account of the ancient standing stones of the Isles of Orkney.

Stone Pages Stones of England, Scotland & Wales.

Roman Britain

Association for the Study & Preservation of Roman Mosaics Patterned and figured Roman tesselated pavements. Find out more about these fscinating objects and the schools of artists who made them.

Encyclopaedia of the Celts: Lots of Celtic personalities to be found here including Kings, Gods and Arthurian characters. Most entries are extensive in detail. Well worth a lengthy browse. Only up to H so far though.

Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site The Official World Heritage Site website. Everything you ever wanted to know about the great wall that the Emperor Hadrian built to keep out the Picts. History, places to explore, getting around, accommodation and the latest research.

Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors A marvellous resource from which to discover the biographies of these great men of a lost age. Many Emperors visited Britain and were closely connected with it in other ways. Find out more on this extensive site.

Roman Military Sites of Britain Gazetteer with good bibliographic references, army units, wonderfully detailed maps and good selection of photos. Also extensive articles on the Roman Army and its organization.

Romans at Woodchester Article about the great Roman palace at Woodchester in the Cotswolds. Includes details and photographs of the Great Pavement - the largest Roman mosaic to be found North of the Alps - which the author actually saw when last uncovered in 1951.

Tour of Caistor Roman Town An excellent analysis of Norfolk's forgotten Roman town. History of the town, its excavations and all the details of life there discovered. Find out about its status and trading importance, defences and Roman lifestyle, while touring the site.

Arthur & the Early British Kingdoms

Britannia's Arthurian Links: Links to all the best King Arthur websites specially selected by your Britannia history editor.

Celtic Studies & Celtic Christianity: Toby D. Griffen's Celtic Christianity Site which includes interesting articles on the origin's of King Arthur's name, St.Dyfrig (Dubricius) and St.Dewi (David Aquaticus).

Descent from Adam: Genealogical pedigrees for all possible lines from Adam & Eve to the site's administrator, Luke Stevens. The real and traditional ancestry of most of the European Kings and beyond can be found here. Early British, Irish, Scots, Pictish & Saxon Kingdoms are particularly well covered. Luke is very good at quoting his sources.

Encyclopaedia of the Celts: Lots of Celtic personalities to be found here including Kings, Gods and Arthurian characters. Most entries are extensive in detail. Well worth a lengthy browse. Only up to H so far though.

Hanes Cymru: "Welsh History," another section of Jeff Davies' excellent Gwarnant Site. Original sources are extended here to cover the Historia Nova, Cyfraith Hywel, Gerald of Wales, Brut y Tywysogyon and Adam of Usk. Genealogies, often missed by others, from the Pillar of Eliseg, Bonedd Gwyr y Gogledd, Mostyn MS117 and soon Jesus College MS20. Also Welsh Christianity and Bibliographies.

Anglo-Saxon England

Angelcynn This Anglo-Saxon Living History Society has lots of good historical information available. Excellent articles on everyday life in Saxon times, as well as histories of big events, Kings & Queens, the latest archaeological discoveries and more.

Anglo Saxon England A good overview of England in Saxon times. Important Royal biographies, summaries of Saxon writings, brief timeline and bibliography.

Bede Net Attractive site, looking good and preparing to expand. Good resources, events and bibliography section. Bede's Life is the only introductory article available so far.

Cnut & the English Church This Anglo-Saxon England site has articles on the Adventus and the Norwegian invasion of 1066, but mostly concentrates on King Cnut and his relationship with the Church. A full in-depth thesis written at Mankato State University tells you everything you need to know.

Old English Pages Deep, rich site dripping with information and links for anyone interested in Anglo Saxon England or the Old English language

Viking Network Web A great site for finding out all about those marauding invaders. Covers all Viking settlements including Britain. Who were the Vikings? What have they left behind? Trade & Raid? All your questions answered. Articles on everyday life, wherever the Vikings happened to be, and Viking Money in England

Norman Britain

Battle of Hastings Nicely presented site featuring all aspects of the Norman Invasion of England, both leading up to and in consequence of the event. Excellent full coverage. Also nice battlefield maps and accompanying photos.

Battle of Hastings 1066 There's so much more than the Battle of Hastings here that is difficult to know where to start. You can go back several hundred years to explore the background to the conflict and the people involved. Highly graphical and beautifully laid out.

Invasion of England, 1066 Good site, briefly covering most areas of the invasion, nicely illustrated with photos of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Secrets of the Norman Invasion Controversial, but exhaustive reassessment of the Norman Invasion of 1066 and the exact location of the landing of the Normans.

Medieval Britain

Castles of Wales One of the best History Sites on the web. Jeff Thomas brings you every possible detail of the fortifications of Wales: the country with more castles per square mile than any other in the World. Detailed information and very extensive photo library; owners, development, terminology, virtual tours and more. Also some Abbeys and Holy Wells.

Hundred Years War Final Phase People, weapons and war; as well as the battles of this, the crucial phase of the Hundred Years War, as England's dream of ruling France collapsed at the moment of victory.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook Valuable resource for original texts of significant documents of English history, courtesy of Fordham University.

Legal Interpretation of Magna Carta The Magna Carta is the foundation of English liberty and American common law. This site provides an interpretation of the great charter and a confirming document written 82 years later.

Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies Rhodes College's excellent resource for anyone interested in studying the history of the middle ages.

Richard III Society (Canada)

Richard III Society (UK)

Richard III Society (USA)

Robert the Bruce

Scottish Highlands and Islands Scottish history at its best: the Stone of Scone, Robert the Bruce, the battle of Stirling Bridge and William Wallace, all here in a series of well-researched articles. This is not a fluff site, but a substantial presentation of history from the Scottish viewpoint.

Wars of the Roses History Guide

William Wallace - The Truth

Tudor & Renaissance Britain

Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth I

Mary, Queen of Scots

Renaissance, the Elizabethan World

Shakespeare Web

Sir Francis Bacon

Tudor England

Stuart Britain

English Civil War

Glorious Revolution of 1688

Gunpowder Plot Society

John Hampden Society

Scottish Civil Wars

Georgian & Regency Britain

Napoleonic Literature

Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Era

Scottish Civil Wars

Victorian Britain

Life of the Industrial Worker

Victorian Web

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Arthurian Links: Links to all the best King Arthur websites specially selected by your Britannia history editor.

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