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St. Cosmas & St. Damian's Church

This small redundant church, with its rare dedication to twin eastern saints, is currently maintained by the Churches Conservation Trust. Its fabric dates back to the 12th century and, despite its apparent uniformity, has acquired additions throughout the Medieval period.

It is a wide and bare church inside, consisting of a single nave with a northern aisle of equal proportions. The two chancels are separated off by a massive timber screen. There are, however, two major features which command attention. Firstly, the rustic low relief monuments to the De La Bere Lords of the Manor, identified by the footless doves on their shields. They almost certainly represent two Sir Richards, father and son, who died in the early and mid 14th century. Then there is the prominent shrine to the church's patrons, adjoining the easternmost arcade support. It probably only ever housed a few small bones of the two men, but may have made Stretford something of a local pilgrimage centre in days gone by.

The Church is owned and opened to the public by the Churches Conservation Trust. Admission free, but donations welcome.

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