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Abbey Dore
Holy Trinity & St. Mary's Abbey Church

Dore Abbey was founded as a Cistercian Abbey by Lord Robert D'Ewyas in 1147. It was consecrated by the founder's brother-in-law, St. Thomas Cantilupe. The abbey flourished in seclusion for almost four hundred years before Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries swept away the nave and all associated monastic buildings.

The church is an interesting survival of the Dissolution, for essentially it did not survive. It was granted to the Scudamores who used it as a stone quarry for a hundred years. In 1632, however, the 1st Viscount Scudamore influenced by his friend, Archbishop Laud, decided to restore what remained of the chancel and transepts and add the little tower that we see today.

Hence, internally, the church is filled with a fine collection of Carolingian ecclesiastical furniture: the chunky screen proudly displaying the arms of Charles I, Scudamore and Laud. The original twelve foot stone altar slab was restored after being used for making cheese in a local farm.

Other interesting features of note include the musicians' gallery (c.1700), good effigies of D'Ewyas and his half-brother, the heart burial of a Bishop of Hereford, medieval floor tiles and a wide array of fascinating roof bosses (now at ground level). The building is well laid out for visitors with guide books for sale and nicely illustrated information boards to read.

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