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St. Mary's Church

Dilwyn Church sits on a small rise and its 18th century spire dominates the skyline. The tower is the oldest part of the church, dating from around 1200. The rest of the building is mostly 13th and 14th century and is particularly interesting for its windows which span all medieval architectural styles.

The chancel was erected in 1305 for the monks of Wormsley Priory. It houses a finely carved sedilia (priestly seat) and piscina (basin). To the north is a 14th century recessed tomb containing the figure of a knight in chainmail. He may have been one of the Talbots who founded the Priory and gave generously for the building of this sanctuary.

There is an fascinating collection of medieval tiles including one featuring the arms of the De La Bere family arms from nearby Stretford.

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