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Churches of Herefordshire

Castle Frome
St. Michael's Church

There is only really one reason to visit Castle Frome and that is to see probably the best Norman font in the country. This small, but complete, Norman church with additional Victorian turret stands on a slight rise, hidden away off the main road below the scant remains of a motte and bailey castle. The font greets you immediately on entry.

From the famous Herefordshire School of stone carving, the font is truly a masterpiece of post-Conquest art. It is a large tub tapering at the bottom standing upon three bizarre crouching men with beards (only one survives complete). Between guilloche borders are depicted the angel, eagle, lion and cow symbols of the four apostles, but the central scene is a wonderful portrayal of Christ's baptism by John the Baptist.

The church does have other interesting features. Beside the high altar is a double effigial monument to mid-17th century members of the Royalist Unett family. Their mourning children surround the base. Note the fine costumes of the period which are worthy of examination. Nearby is a small carving of a knight holding his heart in his hands. It is probably the memorial to a crusader who was killed in the Holy Land but sent his heart home for burial in England.

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