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All Saints' Church

In the late 1870s, Mr. Ebenezer Jordan of Boston, Massachusetts purchased Brockhampton Court, now a retirement home, as a wedding present for his daughter, Alice, and her groom, Mr. Arthur Foster. Alice later commissioned architect, William Lethaby, to build her a parish church nearby as a memorial to her parents.

Between 1901 & 2, Lethaby erected what Pevsner calls "one of the most convincing and most impressive churches of its date in any country". Though it is a superb monument to the Arts & Crafts movement of pre-Raphaelite Britain, the church's construction was not a happy project for Lethaby and the many problems he encountered led him to retire early soon afterward.

All Saints' is thatched: one of only three such churches in Herefordshire. There are wood carvings by George Jack and stained glass by Christopher Whall, but the building's is best known for its incredible tapestries. Two beautiful angels, from workshops of William Morris and designed by Burne-Jones, flank the high altar.

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