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Anglo Saxon Period: 597 AD-687 AD
Anglo Saxon Period: 688 AD-801 AD
Anglo Saxon Period: 802 AD-898 AD
Anglo Saxon Period: 899 AD-977 AD
Anglo Saxon Period: 978 AD-1066 AD

Narrative Histories
Anglo-Saxon England
Anglo-Saxon London
Anglian York
Viking York
Late Saxon York
Dark Age & Saxon Berkshire

History of London
Anglo Saxon London

Adventus Saxonum

Travels Through History
St. Mary's Church, Deerhurst (Glos)
Odda's Chapel, Deerhurst (Glos)
St. Oswald's Priory, Gloucester (Glos)
All Saints' Church, Hough-on-the-Hill (Lincs)

Original Sources & Texts
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (complete text)
The Coming of St. Augustine
Pope Gregory's Letter to Bishop Mellitus
The Synod of Whitby
King Ine of Wessex, Grant to Glastonbury
Lives of the Holy Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow
Peace of Wedmore
Asser's Life of King Alfred
Edward the Elder, Regulations Regarding Money
Aethelred the Unready's Laws of London, 978

Archbishops of Canterbury
Archbishops of York
Bishops of Bath & Wells
Bishops of Sherborne
Bishops of Wessex
Bishops of Winchester
Abbots of Glastonbury
Kings of Bernicia
Kings of Deira
Kings of East Anglia
Kings of Essex
Kings of Hwicce
Kings of Kent
Kings of Lindsey
Kings of Magonset
Kings of Man & the Isles
Kings of Mercia
Kings of Northumbria
Kings of the Picts
Kings of Scots
Kings of South Gyrwe
Kings of Surrey
Kings of Sussex
Kings of Wessex
Norse Kings of York

Church History
Bradford-on-Avon Church (Wilts)
Brixworth Church (Northants)
Romsey Abbey (Hants)
St. Oswald's Priory, Gloucester (Glos)
Sompting Church (West Sussex)

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