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A guide to the extensive resources available in Britannia's King Arthur Department.

The Arthurian Traveler New!
Visit the sites that, over the years, have come to be associated with Arthur, or with various parts of the legend. When fully realized, this section will be a complete photographic tour of Arthurian Britain.

The Historical Arthur
Articles and resources exploring the historical evidence for King Arthur. Look here for the internet's most comprehensive Timeline of Arthurian history as well as a chronology of Arthurian legend and literature. If you need access to the important Documents relating to Arthur, check here. In this section, you will also find a number of informative Articles on a variety of subjects and the popular Footnotes of History.

The Arthur of Literature
From the complete Arthurian works of the Victorian poet, Sydney Fowler-Wright, to a series of Biographical sketches of Arthurian literary characters, historians and historical figures, including an Interview with Geoffrey Ashe, the internationally renowned Arthurian scholar, and an Article on Welsh Arthurian literature by Peter Williams, Britannia's Wales Editor. In time, this section will feature the Full Text of many works of Arthurian literature for you to read or download.

The town of Glastonbury is the gravitational center of the Arthurian legendary universe. In this section, you can read Articles on Glastonbury Abbey and King Arthur's Burial Cross, take a Photo Tour of the town, check out our Reading list and more.

Other Arthurian Study Resources
This is the place to look for useful supporting material for your study of Arthurian Britain! There are Lists of kings, governors, emperors, popes, archbishops and abbots. You'll find Bibliographies, biographies, Glossaries, historical Maps, links and more.

Arthurian Timeline A chronological look at the events of the 5th century and the role that the historical Arthur played in them. The timeline also covers major events in the life of the legendary as well as the literary Arthur.

Arthur's Cross
New! Revised and expanded! A survey of the known facts about the burial cross of King Arthur that was allegedly found along with his grave at Glastonbury Abbey in 1191.

Glastonbury Abbey A study of its role in the development of the legends of Arthur and St. Joseph of Arimathea. Expanded, with new speculations and new conclusions.

Geoffrey of Monmouth
Meet the "biographer" of King Arthur and the man who was the main inspiration for the creation of the Arthurian legend as we know it. His "History of the Kings of Britain" started it all in 1136.

Ballad of Elaine New! The first installment of the complete Arthurian cycle of poems by Sydney Fowler Wright, one of the Victorian Age's most prolific writers.

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