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Edward the Elder:
Regulations Regarding Coinage, c. 902-925

14. Thirdly: that there be one money over all the king's dominion, and that no man mint except within port. And if the moneyer be guilty, let the hand be struck off with which he wrought that odense, and be set up on the money-smithy; but if it be an accusation, and he is willing to clear himself, then let him go to the hotiron, and clear the hand therewith with which he is charged to have wrought that fraud. And if at the ordeal he should be guilty, let the like be done as is here before ordained.

In Canterbury VII moneyers; IV the king's, and II the bishop's, I the abbot's. At Rochester III; II the king's, and I the bishop's. At London VIII. At Winchester VI. At Lewes II. At Hastings I. Another at Chichester. At Hampton II. At Wareham II. At Exeter II. At Shaftesbury II. Else, at the other burhs, I.

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Reproduced by kind permission of The Medieval Source Book