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Heralds' Visitation
of Berkshire, 1566

undertaken by
William Harvey, Clarenceux King of Arms

Cooper of Bray

John Cooper of Tetworth in the county of Huntingdonshire and of the parish of Everton in the county of Bedfordshire, married .. daughter of .. and by her had issue, William Cooper, his eldest son.

William Cooper of Boveney in the county Buckinghamshire, esquire, eldest son and heir to John Cooper aforesaid, married Dorothy daughter to Richard Hill of Dorney in the county of Buckinghamshire, esquire, and by her hath issue, Silvester Cooper, his eldest son; Francis, second son; Anthony, third son; and William Cooper, fourth son; Mary married to ..... Gardiner of the Temple in London, gentleman.

Silvester Cooper of Bray in the county of Berkshire, esquire, eldest son and heir to William aforesaid, married Mary daughter to John Norreys of Bray in the said county, esquire, and by her hath issue, William Cooper, his eldest son and heir apparent; Norreys Cooper, second son; Francis Cooper, third son; Mary and Elizabeth, not yet married.

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