Welcome to Britannia's online version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Think of this document as the ultimate timeline of British History from the beginnings up to the end of the reign of King Stephen in 1154. The Chronicle certainly does not present us with a complete history of those times and is probably not 100% accurate, either, but that doesn't diminish its enormous value in helping us to arrive at a clearer picture of what actually happened in Britain over a thousand years ago.

The entire Chronicle runs to almost 100,000 words and so is a bit unwieldy, in one piece. We have trimmed it down into 52 manageable bites and have arranged it by date, so that you can pick a date and click to see what was going on, during those years. You may also search the document by clicking "Search" and typing in your keyword(s).

As with everything else in Britannia, this is a work in progress. Over time, we will be adding illustrations to go along with the text, and will provide links to other sites where more information can be found. Please be patient with us, though, we're going as fast as we can.

We have two versions of the document. Choose either the Frames or the Regular version, below:

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