A.D. 1043 . This year was Edward consecrated king at Winchester,
early on Easter-day, with much pomp. Then was Easter on the
third day before the nones of April. Archbishop Edsy
consecrated him, and before all people well admonished him. And
Stigand the priest was consecrated bishop over the East Angles.
And this year, fourteen nights before the mass of St. Andrew, it
was advised the king, that he and Earl Leofric and Earl Godwin
and Earl Siward with their retinue, should ride from Gloucester
to Winchester unawares upon the lady; and they deprived her of
all the treasures that she had; which were immense; because she
was formerly very hard upon the king her son, and did less for
him than he wished before he was king, and also since: but they
suffered her to remain there afterwards. And soon after this the
king determined to invest all the land that his mother had in her
hands, and took from her all that she had in gold and in silver
and in numberless things; because she formerly held it too fast
against him. Soon after this Stigand was deprived of his
bishopric; and they took all that he had into their hands for the
king, because he was nighest the counsel of his mother; and she
acted as he advised, as men supposed.

((A.D. 1043 . This year was Edward consecrated king at Winchester
on the first day of Easter. And this year, fourteen days before
Andrew's-mass, the king was advised to ride from Gloucester, and
Leofric the earl, and Godwin the earl, and Sigwarth [Siward] the
earl, with their followers, to Winchester, unawares upon the lady
[Emma]; and they bereaved her of all the treasures which she
possessed, they were not to be told, because before that she had
been very hard with the king her son; inasmuch as she had done
less for him than he would, before he was king, and also since:
and they suffered her after that to remain therein. This year
King Edward took the daughter [Edgitha] of Godwin the earl for
his wife. And in this same year died Bishop Brithwin, and he
held the bishopric thirty-eight years, that was the bishopric of
Sherborne, and Herman the king's priest succeeded to the
bishopric. And in this year Wulfric was hallowed Abbot of St.
Augustine's at Christmas, on Stephen's mass-day, by leave of the
king, and, on account of his great infirmity, of Abbot Elfstun.))

A.D. 1044 . This year Archbishop Edsy resigned his see from
infirmity, and consecrated Siward, Abbot of Abingdon, bishop
thereto, with the permission and advice of the king and Earl
Godwin. It was known to few men else before it was done; because
the archbishop feared that some other man would either beg or buy
it, whom he might worse trust and oblige than him, if it were
known to many men. This year there was very great hunger over
all England, and corn so dear as no man remembered before; so
that the sester of wheat rose to sixty pence, and even further.
And this same year the king went out to Sandwich with thirty-five
ships; and Athelstan, the churchwarden, succeeded to the abbacy
of Abingdon, and Stigand returned to his bishopric. In the same
year also King Edward took to wife Edgitha, the daughter of Earl
Godwin, ten nights before Candlemas. And in the same year died
Britwold, Bishop of Wiltshire, on the tenth day before the
calends of May; which bishopric he held thirty-eight winters;
that was, the bishopric of Sherborn. And Herman, the king's
priest, succeeded to the bishopric. This year Wulfric was
consecrated Abbot of St. Augustine's, at Christmas, on the
mass-day of St. Stephen, by the king's leave and that of Abbot
Elfstan, by reason of his great infirmity.

((A.D. 1044 . This year died Living, Bishop in Devonshire, and
Leoftic succeeded thereto; he was the king's priest. And in this
same year died Elfstan, Abbot of St. Augustine's, on the third
before the nones of July. And in this same year was outlawed
Osgod Clapa.))

A.D. 1045 . This year died Elfward, Bishop of London, on the
eighth day before the calends of August. He was formerly Abbot
of Evesham, and well furthered that monastery the while that he
was there. He went then to Ramsey, and there resigned his life:
and Mannie was chosen abbot, being consecrated on the fourth day
before the ides of August. This year Gunnilda, a woman of rank,
a relative of King Knute, was driven out, and resided afterwards
at Bruges a long while, and then went to Denmark. King Edward
during the year collected a large fleet at Sandwich, through the
threatening of Magnus of Norway; but his contests with Sweyne in
Denmark prevented him from coming hither.

((A.D. 1045 . This year died Grimkytel, Bishop in Sussex, and
Heca, the king's priest, succeeded thereto. And in this year
died Alwyn, Bishop of Winchester, on the fourth before the
kalends of September; and Stigand, bishop to the north
[Flanders], succeeded thereto. And in the same year Sweyn the
earl went out to Baldwin's land [Of Elmham] to Bruges and abode
there all the winter; and then in summer he went out.))

A.D. 1046 . This year died Lifting, the eloquent bishop, on the
tenth day before the calends of April. He had three bishoprics;
one in Devonshire, one in Cornwall, and another in
Worcestershire. Then succeeded Leofric, who was the king's
priest, to Devonshire and to Cornwall, and Bishop Aldred to
Worcestershire. This year died Elfwine, Bishop of Winchester, on
the fourth day before the calends of September; and Stigand,
Bishop of Norfolk, was raised to his see. Ere this, in the same
year, died Grimkytel, Bishop of Sussex; and he lies at
Christ-church, in Canterbury. And Heca, the' king's priest,
succeeded to the bishopric. Sweyne also sent hither, and
requested the aid of fifty ships against Magnus, king of the
Norwegians; but it was thought unwise by all the people, and it
was prevented, because that Magnus had a large navy: and he drove
Sweyne out, and with much slaughter won the land. The Danes then
gave him much money, and received him as king. The same year
Magnus died. The same year also Earl Sweyne went out to
Baldwin's land, to Bruges; and remained there all the winter. In
the summer he departed.

A.D. 1046 . This year went Earl Sweyne into Wales; and Griffin,
king of the northern men with him; and hostages were delivered to
him. As he returned homeward, he ordered the Abbess of
Leominster to be fetched him; and he had her as long as he list,
after which he let her go home. In this same year was outlawed
Osgod Clapa, the master of horse, before midwinter. And in the
same year, after Candlemas, came the strong winter, with frost
and with snow, and with all kinds of bad weather; so that there
was no man then alive who could remember so severe a winter as
this was, both through loss of men and through loss of cattle;
yea, fowls and fishes through much cold and hunger perished.

((A.D. 1046 . This year died Brithwin, bishop in Wiltshire, and
Herman was appointed to his see. In that year King Edward
gathered a large ship-force at Sandwich, on account of the
threatening of Magnus in Norway: but his and Sweyn's contention
in Denmark hindered his coming here. This year died Athelstan,
Abbot of Abingdon, and Sparhawk, monk of St. Edmund's-bury,
succeeded him. And in this same year died bishop Siward, and
Archbishop Eadsine again obtained the whole bishopric. And in
this same year Lothen and Irling came with twenty-five ships to
Sandwich, and there took unspeakable booty, in men, and in gold,
and in silver, so that no man knew how much it all was. And they
then went about Thanet, and would there do the like; but the
land's-folk strenuously withstood them, and denied them as well
landing as water; and thence utterly put them to flight. And
they betook themselves then into Essex, and there they ravaged,
and took men, and property, and whatsoever they might find. And
they betook themselves then east to Baldwine's land, and there
they sold what they had plundered; and after that went their way
east, whence they before had come. In this year was the great
synod at St. Remi's [Rheins]. Thereat was Leo the pope, and the
Archbishop of Burgundy [Lyons], and the Archbishop of Besancon,
and the Archbishop of Treves, and the Archbishop of Rheims; and
many men besides, both clergy and laity. And King Edward sent
thither Bishop Dudoc [Of Wells], and Wulfric, Abbot of St.
Augustine's, and Abbot Elfwin [Of Ramsey], that they might make
known to the king what should be there resolved on for
Christendom. And in this same year King Edward went out to
Sandwich with a great fleet. And Sweyn the earl, son of Godwin
the earl, came in to Bosham with seven ships; and he obtained the
king's protection, and he was promised that he should be held
worthy of everything which he before possessed. Then Harold the
earl, his brother, and Beorn the earl contended that he should
not be held worthy of any of the things which the king had
granted to them: but a protection of four days was appointed him
to go to his ships. Then befell it during this, that word came
to the king that hostile ships lay westward, and were ravaging.
Then went Godwin the earl west about with two of the king's
ships; the one commanded Harold the earl, and the other Tosty his
brother; and forty-two of the people's ships. Then Harold the
earl was removed from the king's ship which Harold the earl
before had commanded. Then went they west to Pevensey, and lay
there weather-bound. Upon this, after two days, then came Sweyn
the earl thither, and spoke with his father, and with Beorn the
earl, and begged of Beorn that he would go with him to the king
at Sandwich, and help him to the king's friendship: and he
granted it. Then went they as if they would go to the king.
Then whilst they were riding, then begged Sweyn of him that he
would go with him to his ships: saying that his seamen would
depart from him unless he should at the soonest come thither.
Then went they both where his ships lay. When they came thither,
then begged Sweyn the earl of him that he would go with him on
ship-board. He strenuously refused, so long as until his seamen
seized him, and threw him into the boat, and bound him, and rowed
to the ship, and put him there aboard. Then they hoisted up
their sails and ran west to Exmouth, and had him with them until
they slew him: and they took the body and buried it in a church.
And then his friends and litsmen came from London, and took him
up, and bore him to Winchester to the Old-minster, and he is
there buried with King Canute his uncle. And Sweyn went then
east to Baldwin's land, and sat down there all the winter at
Bruges, with his full protection. And in the same year died
Eadnoth [II.] bishop [Of Dorchester] of the north and Ulf was
made bishop.))

Chronicle Years: 1036-42
Chronicle Years: 1047-48

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