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A Discussion of the Tombeau de Merlin's Arthurian Connections
By David Nash Ford

L E   T O M B E A U
D E   M E R L I N

Merlin entombed in Brittany

Deep in the Woods of Paimpont, the last remnant of the legendary Forest of Brocéliande, stand two ancient battered stones. This is all that remains of Le Tombeau de Merlin or "Merlin's Tomb" which the Bretons claim to be Merlin's everlasting prison.

"Merlin's Tomb" was once a substantial neolithic galleried tumulus, like Wayland Smithy or the West Kennet Long Barrow. Photos taken around 1892 show that it was an ideal place for the Lady of the Lake to imprison her lover, after he had served his purpose and taught her the magic arts. However, by the mid-1890s they local landowner had all but destroyed the monument. Possibly he was looking for the vast treasure said to be hidden beneath it. Presumably, Merlin has long since escaped, yet he has failed to awaken King Arthur from his sleep in a nearby cave.  (T) 302.234.8904    (F) 302.234.9154    Copyright ©2001, LLC