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A Discussion of the Foret de Paimpont's Arthurian Connections
By David Nash Ford

L E   F O R E T
D E   P A I M P O N T

King Arthur in Brittany

The woods surrounding the village of Paimpont, about twenty miles south-west of Rennes, is all the remains of the once extensive Forest of Brocéliande, the heart of Breton Arthurian Country. Here can still be found L'Etang de Comper where the Lady of the Lake lived, La Fontaine de Barenton where Merlin and the Lady met and Le Pont du Secret where Guinevere declared her love for Lancelot.

Here also stands Merlin's Tomb, a prehistoric megalith where the Lady of the Lake imprisoned King Arthur's chief advisor. The old wizard rests there still, but one day he will awaken. Roused from his slumber by an unknown hero, he will summon King Arthur and his sleeping knights from a nearby cave; and together they will rid the Celtic World from the usurping Germanic peoples.  (T) 302.234.8904    (F) 302.234.9154    Copyright ©2001, LLC