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Index of Arthurian Locations

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Arthur's Burial Places
Controversial last resting place of one of two King Arthurs according to Blackett & Wilson. Glastonbury Abbey
Popular Tradition says Arthur was buried at Glastonbury. Or did the monks make it all up? Mynydd-y-Gaer
Caer Caradoc of legend according to Blackett & Wilson. Discovery point of their famous 'Arthur Stone'.

Arthur's Sleeping Place
Alderley Edge
Merlin was the Wizard of Alderley in Cheshire & Arthur sleeps nearby.
One of the many Arthurian traditions from the town says Arthur still sleeps nearby.
Dramatic rock formation in Glamorganshire where Arthur sleeps.
Eildon Hills
Beautiful rolling hills, in the Scottish Borders, hiding King Arthur's secret cave.
Forest of Paimpont
The heart of Breton Arthurianism, where the great man still sleeps in a secret cave.
Ogof Arthur
Mysterious cave off the dramatic Anglesey coast where Arthur lies sleepily hidden.
Ogof Llanciau Eryri
'Cave of the Young Men of Snowdon,' where Arthur & his knights repose.
Richmond Castle
Yorkshire cliff-top stronghold below which Potter Thompson discovered the sleeping Arthur!
Sewingshield Crags
Runaway ball of wool finds the sleeping King along Hadrians Wall!

Bardsey Island
This mystical isle off the Welsh Coast could equally have been Avalon.
Where was Avalon, where Arthur died? Popular tradition points to Glastonbury.

Cadbury Castle
Did those excavations in the 60s really prove this ancient hillfort to be the great Camelot?
This place has so many Arthurian traditions, surely it must have been Camelot?
Little specific Arthurian tradition here, but compelling arguments suggest it was Camelot.
The name speaks for itself. But is this proof enough?
A Scottish Camelot? David Carroll revives a forgotten tradition.
Norma Goodrich suggests this ancient city as the seat of a Northern Arthur.
The Roman 'Camulodunum'. Surely the original of the name, Camelot?
Graig Llwyn
Blackett & Wilson's unlikely Camelot claimant in the Cardiff suburbs.
Small 'hillfort' in Cornwall thought to be Arthur's Court of Kelliwic.
Great hillfort of the Silures of Gwent. Barber & Pykitt think this was Camelot.
Little known Yorkshire town was Roman 'Camulodunum'. Northern Arthur ahoy!
Stirling Castle
Hill-top Scottish stonghold named as 'second' Camelot by Goodrich.
Could the controversial Round Table at Winchester Castle possibly be the real thing?

Excalibur's Lake
Bosherton Fishponds
Lakes in West Wales which claim Excalibur to be within their depths.
Dozmary Pool
Most Famous last resting place of King Arthur's sword on bleak Bodmin Moor.
L'Etang de Comper
Legends of the Lady of the Lake seem to centre on the Forest of Paimpont in Brittany.
Llyn Llydaw
Camlann was fought in the shadow of Snowdon. Bedivere threw Excalibur into the waters here.
Looe Pool
Dozmary is not the only place in Cornwall to claim Excalibur for itsself.
Pomparles Bridge
Bridge near Glastonbury where Bedivere returned Excalibur to the depths.

Merlin's Prison
Bardsey Island
Where Merlin is said to reside in his invisible 'House of Glass'.
Bryn Myrddin
Merlin's Hill near the town of his birth, Carmarthen.
Is this where Merlin is buried, or merely imprisoned?
Tombeau de Merlin
Merlin's megalith, still a place of mystery in the heart of Breton King Arthur Country.

Castell Dinas Bran
The castle of the Kings of Powys appears to have been the original Grail Castle, Corbenic.
Dinas Emrys
Where Vortigern & Merlin Ambrosius first crossed paths & found a pair of fighting dragons!
Glastonbury Tor
Guinevere was kidnapped by King Melwas. Find out where she was held captive.
Hentland Church
Home of St. Dyfrig who apparently officiated at King Arthur's Coronation.
Nether Wallop
Hampshire river, the site of Ambrosius' conflict with the family of Vortigern?
Tintagel Castle
Most famous of Arthurian sites. His dramatic island birthplace with archaeology to boot.

Magical History Tour
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Marlborough, Wiltshire - Is this where Merlin is buried?
Malmesbury, Wiltshire - The home of one of the great medieval historians
Stonehenge, Wiltshire - Legend says that Stonehenge was built by Merlin
Wells, Somerset - The last-known resting place of King Arthur's burial cross
Glastonbury, Somerset - The center of the Arthurian universe
Tintagel, Cornwall - The birthplace of Arthur according to Geoffrey of Monmouth
Slaughterbridge, Cornwall - The reputed site of King Arthur's last battle
Bodmin, Cornwall - An event of Arthurian significance took place here in 1113
Fowey, Cornwall - A standing stone may prove that part of the legend is true
Dozmary Pool, Cornwall - Memories of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake are alive here
Cadbury Castle, Somerset - An ancient hill may have been Arthur's capital city
Winchester, Hampshire - Arthur's Round Table hangs in the Great Hall, here
Dover, Kent - Sir Gawain's head is said to reside here


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