Biographies of Arthurian Characters
Brief sketches of the lives and deeds of the best known characters in the history and legend of King Arthur and some of the historians who wrote about him

Biographies: Contemporaries of Arthur
Arthur (High-King of Britain)
Ambrosius Aurelianus (King of Britain)
Bedivere (Sir)
Cador (Sir)
Carados (King of Estrangorre)
Constantine (Sir)
Elaine (Queen of Garlot)
Gaheris (Sir)
Gawain (Sir)
Gereint (Sir)
Gorlois (Duke of Tintagel)
Guinevere (Queen of Britain)
Kay (Sir)
Lot (King of Orkney)
Mark (King of Cornwall)
Merlin (the Magician)
Morgan le Fay (Queen of Gore)
Nimue (The Lady of the Lake)
Pellinore (King of Listinoire)
Tristram (Sir)
Uriens (King of Gore)
Uther Pendragon (King of Britain)
Ygerna (Queen of Britain)
Yvain (Sir)

Biographies: Probable Historical Originals of Arthurian Characters
Annowre (the Sorceress)
Ban (King of Benwick)
Carados (Sir)
Cradelment (King of Northgalis)
Evelake (King of Sarras)
Iona (King of France)
Nentres (King of Garlot)
Percivale (Sir)
Piramus (Archbishop of York)

Biographies: Associated Characters
Joseph of Arimathea
Magnus Maximus

Biographies: Historians & Writers
Gerald of Wales
Gildas (St.)
Leland, John
Malory, Thomas (Sir)
Monmouth, Geoffrey of
Tennyson, Alfred (Lord)
de Troyes, Chretien

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