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Harold Wilson
Lord Wilson of Rievaulx
1964-70, 1974-76

Wilson was born in West Yorkshire in 1916. Schooled as an economist, he was a civil servant during World War II. He entered Parliament in 1945 and became president of the Board of Trade (1947-51). Resigning in protest against cuts in social service, he becomes Labour party leader and opposition leader in 1963 and prime minister in 1964. He loses the 1970 election to Heath, but wins in 1974 and is again prime minister. His ministry is hindered by economic problems and saddled with the issue of Britain's admission to the European Community. He resigns in 1976 and is knighted. He becomes a peer in 1983.

1996, Crown copyright photograph.


1965 - British Health Minister Kenneth Robinson announces a ban on cigarette television advertising.
1966 - First controlled moon landing made by Russian unmanned "Luna IX" spacecraft. The Six-Day War, Israel achieves a spectacular victory over its Arab neighbors.
1967 - The Beatles release "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." American astronauts Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, Roger Chafee and Ed White die in a fire on the Launch Pad 34 in "Apollo I" at Cape Kennedy.
1968 - Austrian Alpine skier Jean-Claude Killy wins three gold medals at the Grenoble Winter Olympics. The Jaguar KJ-6 debuts.
1969 - Apollo II lands a man on the moon. In France, Concorde 001 breaks the sound barrier during a test flight.
1970 - Jimi Hendrix, rock guitar god, dies from a drug overdose in London.

Second Ministry
1974 - Nixon resigns the office of the president of the United States. Patty Hearst is kidnapped and held for ransom by the Symbionese Liberation Army, a left-wing extremist group.
1975 - OPEC raises crude oil prices by 10 percent triggering inflation worldwide.

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