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Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home
Lord Home of the Hirsel

Alec Douglas-Home served as a member of Parliament from 1931 to 45, again in 1950-51 and once again from 1963 to 1971. He was commonwealth secretary in the governments of Atlee and Eden (1955-60) and foreign secretary (1960-63) under Macmillan. He renounced his title of 14th Earl of Home in order to succeed Macmillan as prime minister in 1963. He lost the general election in 1964, resigning as party leader the following year. Heath took over as and party leader. Douglas-Home served as Heath's foreign secretary (1970-74) when he received life peerage.

1996, Crown copyright photograph.


1963 - John Profumo resigns in a sex scandal after admitting to unknowingly sharing his mistress Christine Keeler with a Russian naval attache, Eugene Ivanov. The White House and Kremlin agreed to install the "hot line", depicted as the red phone in movies of the time. Henry Cooper fights Muhammed Ali, then Cassius Clay, in Wembley Stadium in London for the world heavyweight championship. Clay retains the title. Annabel's, London's fashionable night club, opens in Berkeley Square.
1964 - Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison giving rise to international protests. In Copenhagen, the head of the little mermaid statue is stolen. Russians swap British businessman Greville Wynne, imprisoned as a spy, for Gordon Lonsdale, jailed for his part in an espionage ring uncovered in 1961. Britain's first pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, begins broadcasting from the Channel, outside British waters.

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