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Harold Macmillan
Earl of Stockton

Nicknamed Supermac by a cartoonist, Macmillian was prime minister in June of 1963 when John Profumo, then secretary of state for war, resigned after his affair with Christine Keeler was made public. Keeler was also the mistress of a Soviet naval attache. The so called Profumo scandal was a cold war hot spot that caught the attention of the tabloids, the full brunt of which Macmillan avoided due to his poor health.

Macmillan first entered Parliament in 1924 as a Unionist. He became minister of housing in 1951 and chancellor of the Exchequer in 1955, an office he held for two years. He became prime minister in 1957 following the resignation of Anthony Eden due to the Suez crisis (Oct.-Dec. 1956) caused by Eqypt President Nassar nationalizing the canal.

He won the 1959 election, using the slogan, "You've never had it so good", borrowed from an American campaign. During his ministership he purchased Polaris missiles from the US and spent a good deal of his time trying to maintain a UK nuclear weapon. De Gaulle, president of France, blocked his attempt to bring the UK into the European Community in 1963.

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1957 - Sputnik, the first manmade satellite is successfully launched.
1958 - Nikita Krushchev becomes the Soviet leader. Jerry Lee Lewis, quits his UK tours after news of his marriage to a 13 year-old cousin hits the media.
1959 - Fidel Castro leads the Cuban Revolution, overthrowing the Batista regime. The Dalai Lama leaves Tibet ahead of the Chinese invasion and is offered sanctuary in India.
1960 - John F. Kennedy is elected president of the United States. The Civil Rights Bill is passed by the U.S. Senate. Civil war breaks out in the Congo following the granting of independence from Belgium.
1961 - The first edition of "Private Eye", a British satirical magazine appears. Adolf Eichmann goes on trial in Jerusalem for war crimes.
1962 - The structure of DNA is discovered. The three scientist who achieve this breakthrough; James Watson (American), Francis Crick (British) and Maurice Wilkins (British), share the Nobel Prize. "The Savannah," the world's first nuclear merchant ship is launched at Camden, New Jersey.
1963 - Churchill becomes honorary American citizen. U. S. President John F. Kennedy is assassinated. Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as president. Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay is decommissioned as a penitentiary.

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