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Anthony Eden
Earl of Avon

Eden served as foreign secretary from 1935 until 1938 when he resigned in protest over Neville Chamberlain's decision to "open conversations" with Italy's dictator, Benito Mussolini, a fascist. He again took on the duties of foreign secretary (1940-45 ) as part of a wartime coalition government under Churchill and again in the Conservative government that won election in 1951, holding the post until he became prime minister in April,1955. As foreign secretary, he negotiated with the Soviets for an "interim peace" in Vietnam in 1954.

Eden's role as prime minister ended abruptly due to a failed military adventure which attempted to regain international control of the Suez Canal precipitated by the nationalization of the Canal by Egypt's President Nassar in October, 1956. The international action was led by an Israeli attack followed by the landing of British and French troops. The result. . .a Soviet protest, domestic opposition and non-support from America, led to the withdrawal of troops and Eden's resignation. Even after stepping down, Eden maintained that his actions to regain control of the Suez were justified. The crisis strained relations between Britain, France, Australia and the US for a period of time.


1956 - General Dwight D. Eisenhower is re-elected president of the United States. Arthur Miller marries Marilyn Monroe in London. Elvis Presley records "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel" for RCA in New York. The US tests the first H bomb at Bikini Atoll.

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