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James Ramsey MacDonald
1924, 1929-35

MacDonald, a Scotsman, began his career in politics in 1906 as a member of Parliament. He was the first secretary of the Independent Labour Party (1900). He led the Party for two periods (1906-14) and (1921-30). He was prime minister of Britain's first two Labour governments. His first Labor ministry was brief (January - October, 1924). The second lasted from 1929-31. In 1931 he left the Labour Party to form a coalition government backed by Liberals and Conservatives that lasted until 1935 when he resigned.


1924 - Eric Liddel refuses to run the heats of the 100 meter at the Paris Olympics due to their being held on a Sunday. Joseph Conrad, author of "Lord Jim" and "Heart of Darkness" dies.

Second Ministry
1929 - Herbert Hoover is elected US president. Wall Street crashes leading to the Great Depression.
1930 - Irish Sweepstakes held for the first time. UK to Australia telephone service began.
1931 - Spain elects it first president, Alasaraza Zamaora. The Japanese invade Manchuria.
1932 - Thousands trespass on Kinder Scout in Ireland. They are protesting to establish public access on moors and mountains which were privately owned for grouse shooting.
1933 - Adolph Hitler becomes German Chancellor. The London Board of Transport is created. Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected US president.
1934 -Italian troops invade Ethiopia.

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