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Stanley Baldwin
1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley
1923-24, 1924-29,1935-37

Baldwin began his career as a member of Parliament, elected as a Unionist in 1908. He was financial secretary to the Treasury in Lloyd George's government (1917-21) and was appointed president of the Board of Trade. In 1919 he gave 20% of his fortune, 150,000 to the Treasury to help retire war debt. He was a leader among the Conservatives who withdrew their support from Lloyd George's and toppled his coalition government. As a chancellor of the Exchequer under Law, he negotiated a settle of war debts with the U.S.

Baldwin was prime minister three times, in between the World Wars. He dealt with labor unrest and a general strike in 1926, passing the Trade Disputes Act of (1927). He passed legislation ensuring complete adult suffrage in 1928 and dealt with the crisis over the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936. He was criticized for his failure to prepare the nation for the coming war, and for not taking a stand against Hitler and Mussolini.


1923 - Lagache and Leonard win the first 24 hours of Le Mans race at an average speed of 57.2 m.p.h. The first non-stop flight is made across the US, from Long Island, New York to San Diego, California in 27 hours. The BBC broadcasts the first "Woman's Hour" programme on radio. Calvin Coolidge is elected president of the United States.
1924 - Eric Liddel refuses to run the heats of the 100 meter at the Paris Olympics due to their being held on a Sunday. Joseph Conrad, author of "Lord Jim" and "Heart of Darkness" dies. Lenin, father of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, dies in Russia. Calvin Coolidge is elected president of the United States.

Second Ministry
1925 - Unemployment Insurance Act is carried in Parliament. Cyprus becomes a Crown Colony. Hindenburg is elected German president. Hitler reorganizes the Nazi Party and publishes the first volume of "Mein Kampf." Sun Yat-sen dies in China. Hebrew University in Jerusalem is founded. In America, Tennessee forbids the teaching of sex education in its schools. Bobby Jones wins the U.S. Golf Association Amateur championship. The New Madison Square Gardens opens in New York. The Charleston is "the" rage. R. A Millikan discovers cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere. The Scopes Monkey trial ends in a conviction with is overturned.
1926 - Queen Elizabeth II is born. Hirohito succeeds as Emperor of Japan. Germany is admitted to the League of Nations. Tunney wins heavyweight boxing championship from Jack Dempsey. Bobby Jones wins the U.S. Open. The permanent wave is invented by Antonio Buzzacchino. The first liquid fuel rocket is fired by Robert Goddard. Kodak produces 16mm movie film. Harry Houdini dies. Gertrude Ederle, out of New York, becomes the first woman to swim the English Channel. She did it in 14 hours 31 minutes, almost two hours faster than men's record holder.
1927 - Allied control of Germany ends. Australian Parliament House opens in Canberra. Fifty-two nations attend an economic conference in Geneva, Switzerland. In Vienna, riots in the streets over acquittal of Nazis on trial for political murder. The German economy collapses, "Black Friday." In China, Chu Teh forms the Red Army. Josephine Baker is a star in Paris. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti are executed, found guilty of robbery and murder. Crop dusting, an agricultural first. Johnny Weismuller swims 100 yards in 51 seconds. Isadora Duncan, internationally famous dancer, and Lizzie Borden, murder suspect, die. Bobby Jones wins the U.S. Golf Association Amateur championship. Pole sitting and marathon dancing take hold in America. Charles Lindbergh flies non-stop from New York to Paris in the "Spirit of St. Louis."
1928 - Former prime minister Asquith dies. The Olympic Games are held in Amsterdam. Al Jolson's recording of "Sonny Boy" sells 12 million records. The Thames overflows its banks. The voting age for women in Britain is reduced to 21 from 30. Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin. Amelia Earhart flies the Atlantic. Islam is rejected as state religion in Turkey. Jawaharlal Nehru founds Independence of India League to help free India from British rule. Chaing Kaishek elected President of China. Herbert Hoover is elected president of the United States.
1929 - Trotsky is thrown out of the U.S.S.R. In New York, Yankee star Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs. October 24th is "Black Thursday," on Wall Street; 13 million shares are traded and the market heads down. The crash marks a loss of nearly $40 billion by year's end.Herbert Hoover is elected president.

Third Ministry
1935 -Italy invades Ethopia. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is in office.
1936 - Edward VIII begins his reign and abdicates the throne.
1937 - George VI is crowned King of Great Britain. Royal Commission recommends Arab and Jewish states. Naval agreement signed between Britain, Germany and U.S.S.R.

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