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Andrew Bonar Law

Andrew Bonar Law was a Canadian who made his fortune in Scotland as a banker and in the iron business. In his early 40's he turned to politics and was elected to Parliament in 1900. By 1911, Law had succeeded in his new profession. Elected leader of the opposition, he served in Asquith's national government as colonial secretary (1915-16) and chancellor of the Exchequer (1916-19). In Lloyd George's coalition, he was Lord Privy Seal (1919-21). In 1922 became prime minister, but was forced to resign for health reasons in 1923.


1922 - Facists take power in Italy. Mussolini becomes dictator. The first woman is called to the English Bar, Dr. Ivy Williams. Gandhi is sentenced to prison for civil disobedience. Hermann Hesse publishes "Siddhartha." The U. S. Post Office burns 500 copies of James Joyce "Ulysses." Sinclair Lewis publishes "Babbitt." T. S. Elliot "The Wasteland." Willa Cather publishes "One of Ours". It wins the 1923 Nobel Prize. Europe embraces the American cocktail. Mercedes-Daimler cars rule the racing world. George Cadbury, chocolate maker, dies. Mussolini marches on Rome, forms a Facist government. The U.S.S.R. is formed. Eugene O'Neill's play, "The Hairy Ape." Britisher Victor Silvester is world dancing champion. Gene Sarazen wins the U. S. Open.
1923 - Mustafa Kemal establishes the Republic of Turkey. Lagache and Leonard win the first 24 hours of Le Mans race at an average speed of 57.2 m.p.h. The first non-stop flight is made across the US, from Long Island, New York to San Diego, California in 27 hours. Teapot Dome hearings are held in Washington, D. C. looking into the details of this oil scandal. The BBC broadcasts the first "Woman's Hour" programme on radio. Mother's Day is adopted in Europe. New York's first birth control clinic opens. Paavo Nurmi runs a mile in four-minutes 10.4 seconds. The electric razor is patented by Col. Jacob Schick. Oklahoma declares martial law to protect citizens against attacks by Ku Klux Klan. Joseph Conrad's "The Rover" is published.

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