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Archibald Philip - Primrose Rosebery
5th Earl of Rosebery

Rosebery's brief ministry came as a result of Gladstone's resignation. He had served under Gladstone, in his second government (1880-85), as undersecretary at the Home Office handling Scottish affairs. He also served as lord privy seal and held a seat in the cabinet. Rosebery moved to foreign secretary in Gladstone's third (1886) and fourth (1892-94) governments.

Rosebery became prime minister in 1894. Finding little success as a legislator, he resigned in 1895 and gave up leadership of the Liberals the following year. By all accounts, it was Rosebery's imperialist views that were responsible for winning him few friends in government and moving him further away from the center of his party. After leaving government he owned racehorses, rather successfully, and wrote political biographies.

Rosebery died a happy man having fulfilled his life's ambitions. According to one source he wished three things for himself; a rich wife, to win the Derby and become prime minister. Wishes granted! He married the richest heiress in England, won the Derby three times and, well, he appears here now doesn't he.


b>1894 - Found guilty of selling military secrets, Alfred Dryfus is sent to Devil's Island. On the Divan Fayonau Music Hall stage in Paris, the first professional strip tease was performed. The first motor show opens in Paris.
1895 - The first celluloid film was publically screened in Paris, short by Auguste and Louis Lumiere. Rontgen makes the first x-ray.

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