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George Hamilton Gordon Aberdeen
4th Earl of Aberdeen

The 4th Earl of Aberdeen was born in Edinburgh. He was a prominent diplomat, serving as foreign secretary under the Duke of Wellington in 1828 and 1841. He became prime minister in a government comprised of Peelites and Liberals. He supported Catholic emancipation and was a follower of Peel in conversion to free trade. Aberdeen resigned as prime minister due to losses suffered in the Crimean War (1853-56) and what was termed military mismanagement.

The Crimean War was fought between Russia and the combined forces of England, France, Turkey and Sardinia. It was the battles of the River Alma, Balaclava; which was where the Charge of the Light Brigade took place, and Inkerman in 1854 that led to seige that lasted a year, ending in September, 1855. It was the siege that led to Aberdeen's resignation.


1853 - Franklin Pierce is elected president of the United States.
1853-54 - Commodore Mathew Perry visits Japan, opening the island to trade with the U.S., ending its isolation from the world.

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