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Edward Geoffrey - Smith Stanley Derby
14th Earl of Derby
1852, 1858-59, 1866-68

The 14th Earl of Derby started his career in politics as a Whig and ended it leading the Tory Party for 20 years when the party was split over Robert Peel's free-trade policy. He joined the Tories in 1834, just four years after becoming secretary for the colonies. It was Derby who introduced the bill to abolish slavery in the British Empire.


1857-58 - Indian soldiers revolt against the British. Great Britain takes over Indian rule from the East India Company. James Buchanan is elected president of the United States.
1858 - Artist, poet, William Morris publishes his first book of verse, "The Defense of Guenevere." Morris shared a fascination of the medieval with Pre-Raphaelite painters.
1867 - Lucien B. Smith, a resident of Kent, Ohio, patents barbed wire.

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