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William Lamb
2nd Viscount Melbourne
1834, 1835-41

Lamb had an eleven year political career which began in 1830. He served as home secretary in the Grey government before becoming prime minister from July of 1834 to December of that same year.

Following the first Peel ministry (1834-35) Lamb's second government is remembered for his support of parliamentary reform and his being accused of seducing Caroline Norton causing him to lose favour with the king, William IV.

Lamb was an advisor to the young Queen Victoria.


1834 - The Quadruple Alliance with France, Spain and Portugal is devised by Lord Palmerston, Foreign Secretary. The Spanish Inquisition is finally suppressed. The Sixth Kaffir War breaks out as white settlers and Bantu clash on the eastern frontier of Cape Colony in South Africa. Dutch farmers of the Cape Colony begin settling north of the Orange River. The establishment of an Australian colony is legalized by the South Australia Act. Poor Law Amendment Act cuts off public assistance to able-bodied men in Great Britain unless they enter a workhouse. Fire breaks out in both houses of Parliament causing great damage. Hansom cabs are introduced in London by J. A. Hansom. Andrew Jackson is censured by the Senate for his removal of funds from the Bank of U.S. Abraham Lincoln enters politics in Illinois legislature. He is 25. Cyrus McCormick patents his automatic reaping machine. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, dies. Victor Hugo's "Hunchback of Notre Dame" is a best seller. Russian literary icon, Pushkin, publishes his short story, "The Queen of Spades."

Second Ministry
1835 - Texas secedes from Mexico. Hans Christian Andersen publishes first four of his stories for children. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is born.
1836 - Davy Crockett is killed at the Alamo. Texas wins independence from Mexico. Sam Houston is first president. Martin Van Buren is elected president of the United States.
1837 - Queen Victoria takes up residence at Buckingham Palace, the first monarch to live at that famous address.
1840 - William Henry Harrison is elected president of the United States.

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