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Robert Banks Jenkinson
2nd Earl of Liverpool

Jenkinson, the 2nd Earl of Liverpool, would have to be considered a career politician. He began his career in Parliament in 1790 and took the foriegn policy route to power. He served as foreign secretary (1801-03), home secretary (1804-06, 1807-09) and war minister under Perceval. He was prime minister during the Napoleonic Wars which he was able to bring to a successful conclusion. However, his wartime government's tactics, including the "ruthless suppression of freedom of speech and the press" gave rise to opposition that bordered on revolution during the five year period (1815-20).

PHOTO CREDIT: Detail of painting in the National Portrait Gallery, London.


1812 - James Madison is president of the United States.
1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo bringing an end to his attempt to rule Europe.
1816 - James Monroe is elected president of the United States. He is re-elected in 1820 for a second term.
1823 - Waterproof cloth is patented by Charles Macintosh for use in making raincoats.
1824 - Simon Bolivar and Antonio Jose de Sucre lead their army to victory over Spanish forces at Ayacucho, bringing to a successful conclusion to the Latin American wars of independence. John Quincy Adams is elected president of the United States.

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