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Spencer Perceval

Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1807, Perceval became prime minister in 1809. He was murdered in the House of Commons lobby, shot dead by a merchant who blamed the government for the failure of his business.


1809 - Abraham Lincoln, William Gladstone and Edgar Allen Poe are born. Arthur Wellesley defeats the French at Oporto and Talavcera and is made Duke of Wellington.
1810 - Guadaloupe, the last French colony in the West Indies, is seized by the British. Simon Bolivar becomes a force in South American politics. P.T. Barnum is born.
1811 - Napoleon takes Oldenburg, Russia takes Belgrade and Austria declares bankruptcy. William Henry Harrison defeats Tecumseh at Tippecanoe, Indiana. The French Press Agency is established.
1812 - The U. S. declares war on Britain. Charles Dickens is born. James Madison is re-elected president of the United States.

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