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Government in Britain
Government in Britain
Prime MinistersThe Prime Ministers
Undoubtedly you will recognize some of their names, Churchill, Thatcher, Chamberlain... all for different reasons. Others, we suspect, will be complete strangers who you will take some mild pleasure in learning about, as we did.

General Information
A Brief Overview of British Form of Government
The Structure of Her Majesty's Government - An amazingly confusing system that works.
How Parliament Works - A more detailed account.
Making the Laws - How it's done.
Parliamentary Committees - They do Parliament's work.
Checks & Balances - Parliament's control over the government.
The Cabinet - Who's on first with the junior mints.
Non-Departmental Public Bodies & the Civil Service
The Political Party System in Britain - Their role and web site links.
Britain & The European Union
The Media -The press and broadcasting in Britain.

The Legal System - Civil and criminal courts in the British Isles.
Quicklaw - Databases cataloging the decisions rendered by British and Commonwealth courts, judicial committees of government departments and the Times (of London) Newspaper Law Reports. You must sign up for a password, then search the specific databases that interest you.

Government Links
Government on the Web
Direct links to official sites on UK servers
PA Inside Parliament
Get up-to-the-minute political news, and see Parliament live on streaming video.
Electronic Government
Great directory to all sorts of information loaded sites, plus Newsbites, Issues... more
UK Political Links
Comprehensive listings of everything political in the UK, including local government sites as well as links to some political parties that you've probably never heard of.
Government Information Services Search System
Got a question? Look it up, here.

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