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A General Rule  Icons and images are generally hyperlinked to whatever it is they represent. Put your mouse over the icons below and you will see that they're linked to the dept. they represent. We don't always post a sign that says "Click here" so assume clinkage.

Britannia's Structure:  Britannia is divided into four main departments:

Our travel dept. can help you plan a trip to the UK. You'll find helpful guides, virtual tours, directories of helpful sites and our Reservation Centre where you can book a hotel, rental car... travel features, a forum and a lot more.
Our award winning history dept. is where you'll find narrative histories, biographies, maps, timelines, historic documents, information about the monarchs of Britain, the best King Arthur site on the Web and a whole lot more.
British Life
Click for news, sports, the arts, gov't links, British recipes, upcoming events, universities & colleges, antique dealers, news archives from 1996 and coverage of the UK
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Britannia's Pages:  Most of our pages look something like the one shown below, which is our homepage for What's Cooking (Dec.1999). You will find navigation at the top of the page and in the left column. The center of the page is for content and the right column for e-commerce offerings, special promotions or sidebar information. As is the case here, we provide you with several ways to find and click to information.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Are you affiliated with Britannia Magazine, the Britannia catalog, Britannia Music, Britannia Hotels or Britannia Airways?
A: In a word, no. is owned, published and maintained by, LLC and has no connection with any of the companies named in the question.

Q: Can I be a contributor to your publication?
A: Yes. We have contributors from all over the world who have written articles, provided photographs and illustrations to Britannia. If you would like to propose an article or coverage of an event, interest area, time period or geographic area email us at

Q: Does your company provide itineraries and plan trips to the UK for individual and groups?
A: We are planning to offer these services in the future, but do not provide them at this time.  (T) 302.234.8904    (F) 302.234.9154    Copyright ©1999, LLC
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