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9/17/97 - 9/25/97
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From Barbara [] on September 25, 1997:

Dear William and Henry,
be strong and think always of your mother as a special ever present being.Love.Barbara.

United States
From Jessica Roeser [] on September 25, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Harry,
I would like to send my greatest condolences for your tragic loss. I understand what you are going through. I have lost relatives of my family that were very close to me also. God will be with you always.

United States
From Jennifer White [] on September 25, 1997:

Prince William and Harry,
I would like to say I am sorry for your great loss. It was tragic for all of us and I hope you can grow from this. Don't ever forget what your mother taught you she was an example to all of us of perfect humanity. I hope I can be half the person she was. William I hope you can carry what she left of her legacey through your reign and Harry I wish you the best. You are both very handsome and have the ability to change the world. Take the she gave you and hold it in your heart.
With the greatest of sorrow,
Jennifer White

From Natalia d'Almeida [] on September 25, 1997:

We will miss your smile.
We will miss your loving ways.
We will never forget you.

From Andrea Quinton on September 25, 1997:


A well loved person who will be sadly missed for her kind and loving personality who touched the hearts of many.

United States
From Elizabeth Powell on September 24, 1997:

What a terrible loss for the entire world. Even though many of us did not know her personally, we feel her passion
for humanity in our hearts. I am sorry for her two young sons. I pray that their hearts may heal and that they can carry on what their mother gave her life to, helping others.

United States
From Charles & Fay Harrison on September 24, 1997:

Our heartfelt prayers go out to Princes William and Harry on the lost of your mother. You will now and forever be in our hearts.

United States of America
From Edward Southwell [] on September 24, 1997:

I just wanted to say how deeply saddened I was to here of the loss of your mother. I know she meant a great deal to you, your country, and the rest of the world. I know that your father loves you both very much and I hope that you can look to him for comfort in this time of sorrow. I think that he will make a great king someday as will you Prince William. Never forget the legacy your mother left to the world: being able to mix the ancient tradition of the monarchy with the needs and concerns of the modern world. Take care, and try to shield yourselves(atleast your private lives) from the merciless media. Your Loyal Subject, Edward

From Melissa Wright [] on September 23, 1997:

I am so sorry about the loss of Princess Diana. I have admired her for years. She was a wonderful role-model for me and many other young women. I shall miss her greatly.

With love and affection,
Melissa Wright

Liverpool, United Kingdom
From The Wright Family [] on September 23, 1997:

We neve realised how much you really meant to us, and your death came as a shock. Our hearts are with the Prince's William and Harry at this awful time. You are always in our hearts.

From Penelope Brown [] on September 23, 1997:

I am so sad that this happened. Long live the Princess' memory! God bless you and your family in your time of sorrow. Her courage and fine works will certainly live on forever.

United States
From Renee Williams [] on September 23, 1997:

Price William and Prince Harry,
I would like to say I am very sorry to hear about your mummy's death when I heard it on the news I cried.People around the world will always love her and miss her forever.Prince William I think you are the most adorible person,and the handsomest guy in the world.Prince Harry You are adorible too.Also happy birthday,Harry.You guys should also remember all the things your mom did for the people and children of the world.We will always remember her.We
love you all.
P.S.I hope you get the throne and hope you will e-mail back when you have time.
P.S.S.I have all the magazines you have been in.

From Chris Vendiola [] on September 23, 1997:

I was in disbelief when I heard about P. Diana's death. I'm not an avid fan but I mourned for her. I admired her for her determination, beauty, and marketing skill. There will be few like her - a legend.

From Wong Chee May [] on September 23, 1997:

Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts, your death came as a shock to me. I looked up to you as a person who bring hope to the children of the world. Now, I shall remember you for the rest of my life and may you rest in peace in god's tender arms.

From Hannah Hamilton [] on September 23, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,
I was really sorry to hear about the death of your mother. You of course miss her more than anyone, but she has touched the hearts of us all. She was a truly good person.
My love and thoughts are with you.

From Ellen Sofie Riwen on September 23, 1997:

My thoughts and love to the British people and to Diana`s family.

From Merete Henden [] on September 23, 1997:

My deepest sympathy to Diana's sons.
I think of you in your sorrowful time.

From Hilde Bjelvin Pettersen on September 23, 1997:

Goodbye to a very gifted and a remarkable person. My deepest sympathy to the two little boys.

United States
From Tracy Roden [] on September 23, 1997:

Princes William & Harry,
To be honest I very seldom thought about your mother until she died. Now it seems like she's always on my mind. I have always felt sympathetic for the people plastered on the front of the tabloids. I've never purchased one, and I wish that I could say that nobody would ever buy one again but I can't. So, instead I hope that the tabloids respect people's privacy. And maybe one day when we're grown-up people will have a right to privacy.
I've always believed very strongly in the United State's Bill of Rights regarding freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but recently I've found myself wondering why we don't have a freedom of privacy. I'm only a couple of years older than the both of you. I hope that the adults running both of our countries not only see and listen to the people's outrage and grief for the manner in which the media treated your Mom, but Act on the fear that one day the media could be after their mothers. I'm deeply sorry for your loss and I hope that each day will be easier.

monterrey mexico
From alex salais [] on September 22, 1997:

hola solo les digo que el hombre que se gana su muerte se gana la livertad y si ella estubiera aqui seguiria siendo acosada pero era una bellesa la admiraba mucho ojala este en paz y el savio dijo que no se comieran sus ojos hasta que dejara de ver. hasta luego
mis condolencias

From GEMMA LEWIS [] on September 22, 1997:


From Lisa [] on September 22, 1997:

I am so sad about Diana and send my deepest sympathies. She will always be remembered.

north america
From sandy ebright on September 22, 1997:

you will be so greatly missed....

for god surely made you very
special... your love and compassion
is very rarely you were
sent to us to give the true meaning
of love!

the stars in heaven surely will
shine a lot brighter now!

rest in peace ... our precious

sandy ebright
richmond, va
north america

United States
From stacy [] on September 22, 1997:

It is hard to understand how we can mourn for a person that few of us actually met, yet Princess Diana somehow made a connection with each and every one of us. And so it doesn't seem as though we are mourning for a stranger, nor even a celebrity, but a friend. Princess Diana was a compassionate, loving individual who embraced causes that few would have touched. She definately was a Queen of Hearts, of our hearts. Diana, I hope that you find the peace in death that somehow eluded you in life. You will live forever on in our hearts.
To the princes: Your mother attempted to instill some sense of normalcy in your lives and I hope that she was successful. Her legacy lives on in you. May you both follow in her giving footsteps. Find stength in yourselves and in those around you. And rest assured that your mother watches over you still. God bless.

United States
From Melinda Hunley on September 22, 1997:

To Princes William and Harry,
My deepest sympathy in the loss of your mother. Please remember that her spirit and love will always live on in you. As a mother I know she loved you very much. Remeber that as long as you carry her memory in your hearts and in the way you live your lives, your mother will always be with us..

From Dezari' Taylor [] on September 21, 1997:

Dearest William and Harry,
No words can express the saddness
I know you are feeling. I only wish to tell you, as a mother, it was very apparent the love and admiration that your mother Diana had for you both. We could see it in her caring for the both of you, in the way she recieved you after being away from you. She has made a mark in history as being one of the finest, loving, caring woman to walk this earth. I have faith and so should you, that your mother will be watching you from above, and guiding you in her gentle way through out the rest of your lives. We all have angels to watch over us. Talk to her before you sleep each night and I promise you, your days will be filled with more content. I pray for you both, and for your lives to be filled with her love. God Bless you both. P.S. Dont be afraid to cry, sensitivity is a blessing! She had it.

United States
From Wendy Elizabeth Briggs [] on September 21, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry.
The light that had shown so brightly
from your mother was not extinguished
but is inside each of you.
May that light shine as brightly now
as it did for her. God Bless You Both.
I will miss her greatly.

From Lord Jonathan Kent Burke Roche von Gerber III, Baron of Fermoy [] on September 21, 1997:

In the words of W.H. Auden's "Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love."

Beauty, midnight, vision dies:
Let the winds of dawn that blow
Softly round your dreaming head
Such a day of sweetness show
Eye and knocking heart may bless.
Find the mortal world enough;
Noons of dryness see you fed
By the involuntary powers,
Nights of insult let you pass
Watched by every human love.

From Heidi [] on September 21, 1997:

We will miss you always;
you were all a royal should be.
Rest, sweet lady-

United States
From Linda Berklite [] on September 21, 1997:

I am so sorry that Princess Diana died so young. She was a great lady and will be missed by the world. Hopefully, now, she can rest in peace. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends. She will always be with you.

United States
From Enella Walters [] on September 21, 1997:

The world will never forget Princess Diana. Her death has been a true loss to all of us. My condolences to her family, friends, and Britain.

From Ruth Rodgers [] on September 21, 1997:

Sincere condolences to the family of a very special lady that was loved in California.


From Madeline Rees [] on September 21, 1997:

The world has lost a great and wonderful person. Princess Diana was an inspiration to us all. My heart and my love goes out to the princes William and Harry. Your loss is our loss may God bless you and watch over you all the days of your lives. Remember you are always loved by the people of Britain and of the world.

USA (Chicago)
From Rebecca [] on September 21, 1997:

To Princes William and Harry, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and look out for you in your time of need. Your mother will live on in the hearts of many.

From Rosalie Horsford [] on September 21, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry:
My condolences go out to you both. All
here in Canada are greif-stricken by the
loss of your mother. She was beautiful
and one of the greatest women in history.
You both will surely take after her.
God bless you both.

United States
From Richard S. Fisher [] on September 21, 1997:

The loss of loved ones are indeed sad, but the loss of a person such as Diana is felt worldwide. We all share your grief and may the Lord bless you all and the future of your family and Country.

United States
From Eileen Fisher [] on September 21, 1997:

My Family and I are deeply sorry for your lose. We will always remember Diana as the beautiful princess that she was and try to follow her examples of giving love and comfort to those in need. God bless you and Diana, Princess of Wales.

From Melissa [] on September 21, 1997:

Dear William and Harry:
I'm so very sorry about your mom. Don't be sad, you can't change the past. Remember that now your mom is in a happy place without any photographers and she's watching over you now and forever.

Love, Melissa

From Sheri-Marie Hart [] on September 21, 1997:

Diana was a lovely person and I wish she
had never been killed. I will really miss her. I never met her but I heard about what she was doing for all the sick children. She was the greatest woman ever born.

From Judy Wanbon [] on September 21, 1997:

To prince William and prince Harry, I would like to send my condolence to both of you on the lose of your mom.
She was and still is a great woman, who did great things for this world. If there were a lot more people like her, this world would be a better place for everyone to live. She will be remembered by everyone for many years to come. God bless you both, be strong and carry on her good work as well as your own. And I hope the rest of us can follow by the example she set! God bless Princess Diana and may she rest in peace. Love from the Wanbon family.

From Alan Davis [] on September 21, 1997:

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to the Royal Family, the Spencer family and especially to HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry. We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Princess Diana. She was truly a very special can caring person. May God Bless and comfort the Royal Family. Our prayers are with you.

From Pennie Copp [] on September 21, 1997:

To Prince William and Prince Harry: My heart breaks for you in losing your mother. She was a lovely, caring woman who was greatly admired by many in my country and around the world. She will always be with you in your hearts, so take her with you on your journey through this life. It wasa obvious how much she loved you both. We grieve with all of you and with the other families who lost their loved ones as well. I will never forget her. Take care and take heart - she will always be with you.

USA Utah
From Allyson Garrett [] on September 20, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Harry,
May you always remember the good times with your mother. I had never met your mom but it was only obvious that she loved you very much. Try to continue in her good works. My prayers are with you as you try to go on with your life. She will always be with you.

From J.Johnson [] on September 20, 1997:

Prince William

I am sorry to hear about the death of your mother. I want to let you know I too have losed family members in car accidents and the only thing I can say is that only time will heal you. Make sure you keep her memory alive, for you and your brothers sake. Stay strong.

Love Jenn

From Lance ADAMS [] on September 20, 1997:

To Prince William,and Harry..I'm 13 years old and this is what I think of your beloved mother....
She Twinkles like the stars,
She shines like the moon,
She's as radiant as the sun
when a clear day has begun.....
I'll always remember your mother for all the good she has done for all of the people....God has her in his arms forever.......

Your friend,

Lance Adams

From Mary Alderman [] on September 20, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Harry, I am truly sorry for the lose of your mother, she was and always will be a wonderful person. We in America thought also of her as our Princess. I will miss her smile and that charming look she always had when looking at people. Sincerely, Mary Alderman.

From Charlene & Wayne Poston [] on September 20, 1997:

Diana, The Queen of Hearts:

May you rest in peace. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. We will miss you very much and your memory will stay in our hearts forever.

USA, Virginia
From Susan Jacobs [] on September 20, 1997:

Dear Prince Harry, Prince William, The Spencer family and the House of Windsor: May you take comfort in the outpouring of affection from the world. Thank you for sharing your grief. I too will miss Princess Diana.

North America
From April Byers on September 20, 1997:

To the Royal Family:
I am very sorry for your loss. My heart is broken and mourns for your loss. She was and always will be the most carring
person there ever was.

From Tonnie Louise Fast [] on September 20, 1997:

I would like to express my sympathy in this time of tragedy and loss. Everytime I think of your loss, a tear comes to my eye. Princess Diana was loved and honored by all. Prince William and Prince Henry, my thoughts are with you.

United States
From Sharron Lay [] on September 20, 1997:

My thoughts and prayes have been with Princess Diana's boys each and every time I hear or see anything of her death. I am sure that she will still be among us through her children. You can see so much of her in both of them.

From RosS Van Veen [] on September 20, 1997:

I am extremely sorry for your death so early in life and felt for you not to see your son become a king some day.We all will think of you when the day comes.
If I just could have seen you in person...

Columbus, Ohio
From Krystal Harper on September 20, 1997:

Dear Prince William and Prince Herney,
I fell so sorry that your mother died. I hope that you will rememeber that your mother is in heaven now with God. I pray for you every day.

Love, Krystal Harper

Columbus, Ohio
From Melinda Harper on September 20, 1997:

Dear Prince Henery,
I am deeply sorry about your mother's
death. I am always praying for you. The day that I heared about your mother's death I cried. I know how much you loved your mother. I know that you will have a hard time with the press and everything else that you have to do. I shall always keep you in my prayers.

Love, Melinda Harper

Columbus, Ohio
From Melinda Harper on September 20, 1997:

Dear Prince William,
I am terribly sorry about the death of your mother. I know how close you were to her. I am always praying for you. I don't even know what you are going through. The day that I heared about your mohers death I cried for you. I just wish that I can do something for you. I know that you are having a hard time with the press and wiht everything else that you have to go through. I hope that this letter will give you some comfort. You will always be in my prayers.


From Rene, Carmelle, Ashley, and Gabe Anaya of Chico, Ca USA on September 20, 1997:

Sorry for the loss of the beloved Princess Diana. Everyone will miss her.

From Anaya family on September 20, 1997:

Sorry for the loss of the beloved Princess Diana. Everyone will miss her.

From Sandra Lea Schnare [] on September 20, 1997:

The news of Diana pierced my
heart as I watched it unfold on TV
that dreadful night.

God be with William and Harry.

From Sheri Nakken [] on September 20, 1997:

I was SO shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Diana. It affected all the people that I know in the U.S. so much. We are feeling the loss of such a wonderful, compassionate person on this planet. It is time for all of us to step in and do our part with the groups that Diana worked with. Our love and compassion go out to Harry and William and the rest of Diana's family. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

From Theresa Broderick [] on September 20, 1997:

It has now been three weeks since one of the greatest women in the world lost her life. And still my heart greives even though I never met her. I hope that William and Harry will find it in their hearts to carry on the work started by their ever loving Mum. All my love goes out to them and to the rest of their family at this time and always. Diana lives on in her two boys.

From Nadira Jamil [] on September 20, 1997:

I'm very sorry to hear about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. May God bless her and her family. May she lives peacefully in the heaven. Our Queen of heart, Diana.

united states of america
From Lyndie Rainey [] on September 19, 1997:

I would just like to say to Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and the royal house, You have a hard time ahead of you and I hope that you get threw it as easy as possible. Iknow it is not easy I have lost a love one very close to me and know how hard it is
but I know with faith and the memories of the princess you will get through it. The memories will always be there and you will always have them to look apon and remember. She was a very good woman and should not have died, but bad things happen, it is Gods way of making us stronger. I hope the press will leave you alone to grieve. They can be vicious . I would also like to say that I think You had a lovley service for her It was, I think what she would have wanted. It was lovely. Prince William and Harry You will always be in my prayers and I hope you and father do well.
Always praying for you,
Lyndie Rainey
virginia usa

From Lindsey [] on September 19, 1997:

Prince William and Harry,
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a wonderful woman and she will be remembered forever.

From ina & ria alazas [] on September 19, 1997:

to prince william and prince harry,
we would like to send our condolence to both of you for the sudden death of your beloved mother. may she rest in peace.

United States
From Julie Stanton [] on September 19, 1997:

Princes William and Harry:
As the media attention to your mother's death diminishes (as I suspect she would prefer), please remember that there are millions of souls on this earth who felt her goodness. It is a struggle for every human to learn from her example that each of us is responsible for our neighbor, but I believe her message in that respect has been very well heard. You can be proud of that as well as continue to do her work yourselves. Over time, you will realize that she will be standing right next to you each time you help another person.
May God bless you and hold you up while you adjust to the reality of your mother's passing. It is still very difficult for many people to believe, so I'm sure it must be particularly so for you.

From Richard Clear [] on September 19, 1997:

Inglaterra y el mundo perdio a su princesa,pero el mundo siempre la recordara por su bondad y gran corazon.

From Mansi [] on September 19, 1997:

Hello!I'm from India and I'm sorry to hear about Princess Diana.There have been many news-papers and magazines with her photographs and I feel very bad about it though I did'nt know her.But please take care of yourselves.

From Trevor Rideout on September 19, 1997:

First, to Prince William and Prince Harry, Your mother will always be with you both, Her love will never leave you, so don't ever think she has left for good, because she is still there in spirit.
When I heard the shocking news about the death of Princess Diana, I could not believe she out of all the people in this world, died. She was the best, whom every one loved deerly. Princess Diana will always be thought about, and continually in my prayers, along with the family. Once again I am sorry for your lost and I do feel the pain. Just look at the stars, because the brightest one, is her.

Love and prayers, from Trevor Rideout, Newfoundland

From Robyn Hurley on September 19, 1997:

First, I would like to say, I was deeply sadden by the lost of Princess Diana. Her lost made me think of how we take things for granted, not realizing today could be our last. My prayers goes out to Prince William and Prince Harry, and even though your mom is gone is body, she will always be there in spirit. Always thinking about you and just remember you too will be with her one day.

Love and prayers from Robyn Hurley

From Sandy Lingner [] on September 19, 1997:

Although many people tell you they know what you are going through it's tough to believe. You will survive. There will be certain things that will remind you of your Mother and perhaps bring you to tears. Just remember you were the ones that were touched most deeply by her. You are her most loved. A Mother will never forget her child. That is why your Mother has gone before you to continue watching over you in every way. Even these words I write can not replace her. I just hope you find some comfort knowing that she is preparring for you a place in heaven with her. But for now still let her be your guide.
Sandy Lingner

From Karen [] on September 19, 1997:

I can remember when I was eight and my best friend(who was from England) and I watched the most beautiful wedding in the world. From that day on, I believed that Diana was the most beautiful woman in the world. I am now a mother of a beautiful little girl. I don't know what those boys are going to do without their mother. I cry just thinking about it. What wonderful young men she has raised. They will diffently find strength in this. I wish them all the happiness and love in this world. xxxoooxxxooo

From Mary A. Mazierski [] on September 18, 1997:

I grieve with you. Even though I never met her I felt she was a good person. I came to your country in 1985 and though I knew the chances were slim of catching a glimpse of her, I felt her presence. It has been weeks now since her death, and I am still so sad. My prayers are with you. Please continue your mother's legacy. And remember, it is OK to cry as I have cried more tears for your mother than you'll ever know. I am telling my children all about your mother and the good things she has done for people, as that is why we are here on earth, to help others. May God Bless you both.

From M. Osama A. Mansour [] on September 18, 1997:

The whole world knows Lady Diana, And no doubt that we all lost one of the best people on this land.
We will remember Princess Diana forever.
Forever in our hearts.
May The Lord Rest your soul.

I really miss you.

From Nikki McAlister [] on September 18, 1997:

I'm very sorry about your Mom. I'm sure she's watching over you from Heaven.

From Bryan Meason [] on September 18, 1997:

She was beautiful, and the world will morn her death forever.

United States
From Darlyn Cagle [] on September 18, 1997:

I want to express my heart felt condolences to the people of England and the Princes. Diana was a beautiful woman, inside and out. She will be deeply and greatly missed. My prayers are with you. May God bring you blessings at this tragic time in your life. Diana blessed us with her presence and made the world a better place in which to live. If only she could have been shown as much adoration in life as she has in death. I pray that justice will prevail in this. May God be with you Prince William as you become King one day. May you carry on the the loving, compassionate, REAL spirit that your mother possed.You are a strong person.Your mother gave you her best attributes,use them . Do not forget who you are. Prince Harry, be strong and remain faithfull to God.
May the Lord God be with you all.
With deep condolence,
Darlyn Cagle,
Lancaster, California,U.S.A.

From Y. Callahan [] on September 18, 1997:

Princes William and Harry, Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time in your lives. Your mom's love for you will carry you through the hard times. When you are at your lowest times, and there will be times like this, just remember the good times you shared together and all the love you shared. Remember also that it is OK to be sad sometimes. God bless you both. Sincerely, The Callahan Family

From Leif Alkel÷w [] on September 18, 1997:

We are missing You

From Donna, Helen, and Kim [] on September 18, 1997:

Our hearts go out to William and Harry.
Your mother was a truly special individual. She will always remain in our memories, and her love will always
be with you. We pray that you will continue in life, like your mother, giving, caring and touching people.

From MONY [] on September 18, 1997:


United States
From Bethany Rose Dorsett on September 18, 1997:

Prince William,

From THE PAGAN FAMILY [ROMAX@WEBTV.NET] on September 18, 1997:


From Mary Ann Berry [] on September 18, 1997:

I am very sorry to hear about the death of Diana. She was a remarkable lady. She was very caring. The world needs many more people like her. Diana will be missed greatly by all. Her death was nothing short of a tragedy. You need to remember the life that she had and how she used it to help those who were less fortionate than herself. Not many people care about others the way that she did. I am only a college sophmore but I can remember that I have always been impressed by Diana. i can remember watching her wedding and dreaming that I would have a dress like hers when I got married. I loved it when she started helping the Aids patients and visiting the poverty stricken. She set an example for the rest of the world to follow. Diana inspired me to not look at people any different no matter what they look like, what disease they have, or where they live. everyone has a purpose in life here on earth and Diana's purpose was to help others. She will truely be missed.

United States
From Kelly Thompson [] on September 18, 1997:

I admired Diana for many reasons. First, she was a person who was beautiful not only on the outside but also inside. Being only 19 years old, I wanted to be just like her. Her two boys will never be forgotten and my heart. To Diana, all young girls want to be a princess like you. With you gone that is nearly impossible. You will forever be in my heart and I will miss you greatly. William and Harry- I can not say how sorry I am for the loss of your mother. Keep your mother's spirit in everything you do.

Love Always.

From Virginia M. Shuford [] on September 18, 1997:

Send my deepest sympathy to the entire family.
I respected Diana. I thought her to be a loving mother,
and a wonderful example of the people of Great Britain.
Sending comfort to the princes and entire family.

From Andrew on September 18, 1997:

diana ,
well never forget u.

From Jaclyn [] on September 18, 1997:

Dear Prince William & Harry,

I really am sorry about the death of a wonderful woman whom both of you loved grandmother passed away this year...a few months first i was very sad but i soon began to accept the fact that she would be gone forever.....

Always remember that your mother is always watching over you and will always love you.....someday, you'll meet her again, just like how i will meet my grandmother again....

Jaclyn, 12

San Jose, Calif., USA
From Carolyn Straub [] on September 18, 1997:

Dear William and Harry,

With thousands of other Americans, I am deeply sorry for the passing of your lovely mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Something is now missing that can never be replaced.

I am glad to know that so many other good people have thought to wish you both well,too.



From Suzanne Hanners [] on September 18, 1997:

To William and Harry

I lost my mother when I was only 14, and it was the most difficult time of my life. But I pass on to you the one thing my father told me after her death -- if you are half the person your mother was, you will be well loved by many.

United States of America
From Lesley Conrad [C923@AOL.COM] on September 17, 1997:

To loose your mother is a grievous

To loose your mother is such a grievous
happening in your lives. May you con-
tinue to live your lives exemplifying
that which she left you in her love for
the both of you and for those whose
importance she held in high regard.

USA: State of Kansas
From Susan Koehn on September 17, 1997:

I wish to send my deepest sympathy. To the Princes--your mother was a remarkable woman whose life was tremendously meaningful. May the Lord above protect you and guide you through this- the most trying of times. Take comfort in knowing how much your mother was admired, respected, and adored.

United States
From Michele Butcher [] on September 17, 1997:

To Prince William & Prince Harry
Please always know and remember with pride how much loved your mother was while on this earth. She was and still is a very extraordinary woman. I think of you two everyday and I will always remember the both of you in my prayers.

William, you are your mother's legacy to the people of the world. Please continue to be the great person you are destine to become. Harry, stay as sweet as you are knowing you still have your father and brother.

With much respect and sympathy
Michele Butcher
United States of America
Always know how muched loved your mother was from the non-famous to the famousordinary to

From Sherrie [] on September 17, 1997:

Dear Princes William and Harry,
Your mother had an uncommon touch among the common people she met and inspired. Her legacy of compassion will continue through the two of you.

From Carly Kosonovich [] on September 17, 1997:

Prince William and Prince Henry,
I feel great sorrow for you guys. I am 14 and I know if I lost my mom I would be very sad. She was a great lady. I hope you will have the strength to keep going. I send you my best wishes

From Kristen [] on September 17, 1997:

Dearest Prince William and Harry
The USA is praying for you. May you always remember your mommy and what a gem she was to the world. She is looking down on you and watching over you in heaven now. There is no more pain. Please take care.

From Christine Britz [] on September 17, 1997:

My deepest sympathies to William and Harry, the Spencer Family and all of Lady Diana's friends and relatives.
- Christine Britz
Bucks County, PA USA

From Alexander Vallejo on September 17, 1997:

Dear Diana,

I`ll miss you very much

Love Alexander

United States of America
From Shannon K on September 17, 1997:

I am deeply soory about your loss.
Your mother will be greatly missed not only by you and your family and country,but from people all over this world. I am truely sorry.

United States
From Kristal Baker on September 17, 1997:

Princess Diana has been someone I admire for as long as I can remember. I recall being a very young girl with wide eyes and dreams of a wedding just like hers when I saw her marry Prince Charles on television so long ago. Her death has been a devestating lost of an icon in my life. I am now grown and teaching in a middle grades school. Needless to say, Diana has been the topic of discussions that have lead to writing assignments in my English classes. I want my students to always remember, and I would like to pass on a little of the admiration for this great lady that I have. It seems to be the only tribute a person like me can give to her now. My heart goes out to William and Harry. I cannot even begin to understand the enormous loss you have suffered. I would like you to know; however that my students, as well as myself, greatly admire your courage. You have Diana within you and she shines through. May God go with an bless you.

From Jesada Loetsiriworapong [] on September 17, 1997:

Wish you happy in heaven HRH Diana,Princess of the world.

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