SEPT. 5, 1997
Bodyguard Regains Consciousness
from the Associated Press

LONDON (AP) The bodyguard who was the sole survivor of the crash that killed Princess Diana did not have his tongue severed in the accident, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Trevor Rees-Jones, 29, spoke to his mother and stepfather when he temporarily regained consciousness, The Observer newspa- per said. He remained in intensive care in the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris.

"The reports that his tongue has been cut are almost completely insane," the hospital spokeswoman, Helene Chaibrillant, was quoted by the newspaper as saying. "All we can say at this stage is that we have not had a proper discussion with him."

The spokeswoman was not immediately available Sunday to confirm the report. The newspaper, quoting family sources, said Rees- Jones told his family he feels guilty about the accident last Sunday that killed Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and chauffeur Henri Paul.He reportedly said he felt partly responsible because he was in charge, but he could not have prevented it.

Rees-Jones, known as Dodis shadow, began working for the Fayed family after leaving the Parachute Regiment and the elite Royal Protection Squad. He was in the front passenger seat when the car crashed during a high-speed flight from paparazzi photographers.

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