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Posted by: Caryn on January 8, 2006
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Posted by Sharon Ward on June 6, 2002
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> Could someone please tell me what muscovado sugar is?I've never heard of it.Thank you.

Muscovado Sugar is a brown color, moist, and fine specialty sugar. It battles well with high temperatures and has a reasonably good shelf life!

Muscovado Sugar at Sugarindia is processed the natural way--completely free from any harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives, or any flocculants, surfactants, bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers.
Muscovado Sugar has 11 calories/ 4 grams (1tsp). It is also nutritionally rich & retains all natural mineral & vitamin content present inherent in sugarcane juice.
Imbalance in minerals is one prime cause of disease. Reason for this is over- consumption of refined products like refined sugars, refined oils, & refined salt. It is therefore vital to consume less processed, more natural & nutritious products such as the healthy & wholesome Muscovado Sugar.
Muscovado sugar is easy to handle and store. It has a tendency to harden with age or when it exposed to air for too long because it contains more moisture than white sugar. All you need to do is to store in an airtight container. If you brown sugar has hardened, you can soften it by storing it in a plastic bag with a raw wedge of apple for 2-3 days - it will be as good as new.

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