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Posted by: Terri on September 6, 2005
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Posted by Ellen on March 26, 2003
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>If you would consider selling the set of books, please contact me with the amount. I have two of them I found secondhand and like them very much.

Thanks, Terri

Don't know if you ever found that recipe, but if you still want it. I have the books (the whole course).
> Let me know if you still need it. I would be happy to email you the recipe.
> Ellen
> > Hello,
> > I am desperate for a recipe. In the 70's there were booklets called the Grand Diplome Cooking Course and in one of the booklets was a recipe for Leg of Lamb, which you marinaded for three days with vegtables. Someone stole the booklet and I have been trying to find the booklet or recipe for years. If anyone knows where I can get the recipe or booklet, I would greatly appreciated. It sounds corney but my father is 87 and he has never forgotten that dinner and I would love to be able to make it for him. Thank you so much for any information yu might have. Best regards, Siobhan


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