the real face of the english cooking
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Posted by: Alice ZzZ on March 29, 2004
In Reply to: the real face of the english cooking
Posted by nico on March 11, 2003
Subject: the real face of the english cooking
I didn't quite try to send you an answer, but I just wanted to know if there are some specific sites where I could find out more about English cooking. My name is Alice and I am from romania. I am doing my research about English cooking in order to complete my final session at English and have my language knowledge attested. I would be grateful to hear from you.
Thank you, Alice.

> hello i'm a french student and i 'm doing a research on the english cooking. i would like to know if you think that traditionnal english products are the only one people in the world should know? ARE THERE some evolutions in the english cooking ?


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