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Posted by: cecil on January 13, 2004
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Posted by Sharon on June 27, 2003
Subject: Re: light demerara sugar
> In fact, real Demerara sugar is very very hard to find. Demerara sugar is the sugar produced in Demerara, in Guyana. It is dark, molasses rich, crumbly, delicious. However, very little of this sugar reaches the European or US markets - unfortunately, Demerara sugar always had the reputation of being particularly good, but now the term has come to mean just any brown sugar.
> I know, I am from Demerara!

me too! back in the early 70's i took school tours to the sugar factory. then, the good stuff was for export. i just returned from guyana a few weeks ago and brought a 5 lb bag. it makes the crappy generic coffee here at work taste great! also brought some coffee grown in the pomeroons and i love it! even over jamaican blue mountain!


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