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Posted by: John Stansbury on December 5, 2003
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Posted by Sharon Ward on June 6, 2002
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> Could someone please tell me what muscovado sugar is?I've never heard of it.Thank you.
Muscovado sugar
Very dark brown sugar with a strong molasses flavor. Originally described as an unrefined sugar crystallized from the first boiling in the mill. The crystals are larger than brown sugar but not as large as turbinado or demerara sugar crystals and very sticky. The flavor is supposed to be "unique, strong, deep, dark, dusky," etc. Although the original definition is of a very dark sugar, there is also a "light muscovado sugar" available on the market, which is lighter in color and flavor. The original term of "muscovado" referred to the very low quality crystallized cane juice produced in the European colonies of the Americas. In other words, the term was synonymous with raw sugar. This muscovado sugar was then refined in Europe. The word has its origin in old Spanish and Portuguese words for "unrefined."


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