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Posted by: David Snyder on June 24, 2003
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Posted by Jill Ramsey on April 19, 2003
Subject: Re: light demerara sugar
> > My son is cooking this recipe for a class project. Can you please tell us what light demerara sugar is and if we can get this in our local market. We live in the United States and are not familiar with this type of sugar.
> > Thank you
> > Patty
> I really like using demarara, it's a bit like granulated sugar, seems to come in white and golden. I bring bags of both types back with me whenever we go to England.
> I think your son could substitute American light brown sugar in the recipe, unless the teacher is insisting upon demarara, in which case, she might know where to find it over here.
> I don't know why we in America don't have the many sugar types that are produced in England. Same goes for cream and milk products: double cream, Jersey cream, clotted cream--yum!
I was surfing the web and found this thread.
I have recently purchased from my local supermarket (I live in NJ, USA)
"demerara brown sugar" that seems to be the real McCoy
(it is like turbinado sugar but with a stronger 'brown sugar' flavor) - I found it with various Jamaican products, if that will help you to locate it.


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