Re: pork stew with beer [help}
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Posted by: Martin Edwards on January 2, 2003
In Reply to: pork stew with beer [help}
Posted by jan on November 15, 2000
Subject: Re: pork stew with beer [help}
Don't use beer, a good quality cider (a sweet cider would be less acidic) is a far better compliment for pork. I tend to use a base of softened onions or shallots and add cored and peeled apples (Cox's or similar). Beef in beer, however is one of my favorites. Use a good quality stout (e.g. Guinness) and you can't go wrong.

> I just made a stew and the beer made it very acidic. Is there anyone who has good cooking advise on how to tone down the strong flavor now that I've already slow cooked the stew?


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