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What's Cooking

We are featuring Helen Watson's British recipes, articles about Britain's regional cooking, and some surprises, direct from the UK. Enjoy!

We found Helen Watson's recipes on the Web over before 2000 and thought they would be a great addition to Britannia's Panorama section showcasing British life. What could be more British than British recipes after all? She agreed to let us carry her recipes which we took from a website that is now no longer online. Lucky for us and all who are interested. We also have articles about regional cooking.

Articles about Britain's Regional Cooking
The British Isles has a wonderful tradition of regional cooking. In this section we'll look at British regions; telling you something about them and their food traditions. Click here.

Courting Cake
This is a real summer treat and a good way of using up slightly bruised or over-ripe strawberries or making just a few go further. It was originally made in the north of England by young girls for their betrotheds, hence the name. Makes about 16 slices. Click for recipe

Cedric Charles Dickens great-grandson of the Charles Dickens who has written several books that include recipes inspired from food and drinks described in his great grandfathers novels. He gave us an Americanized recipe for a drink called a "Smoking Bishop". Try it at your own risk.

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