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Location Details for St. Mary's Church, Old Basing, Hampshire

O L D      B A S I N G
on the Outskirts of Basingstoke, Hampshire

The parish church of St. Mary is a Grade 1 listed building which stands at the centre of the village of Old Basing, on the River Loddon, just on the outskirts of Basingstoke.

Basingstoke is a large town in Hampshire in Southern England. Ideally placed for touring both the Thames Valley, to the north, and the ancient city of Winchester, to the south, it sits alongside the M3 motorway (Blue on Map below) which runs between London and Southampton. The motorway exits for Basingstoke are Junctions 6 and 7, but Old Basing lies just to the east, between the former and Junctions 5 at Hook. The village is probably best approached along the A30 (Red on Map below). Just follow signs to Old Basing and then the brown tourism signs to 'Basing House,' the ruins of a vast Tudor Mansion destroyed in the English Civil War and now open to the public. It is situated almost adjoining the church and both are very easy to find.

Though a major railway line into Waterloo runs through Basing, there is no station. The nearest is in Basingstoke town centre. Parking at St. Mary's Church is very limited. It is best to take the narrow and windy lane, 'Church Lane,' to the right of the entrance. This takes you round the back of the building where it is possible to park at the roadside. A small gate into the churchyard is an ideal spot from which to begin our Tour of the Church Exterior. The main churchyard area is to the left and the church entrance to the right.

If you are interested in helping to preserve this ancient building, you might consider joining the "Friends of St. Mary's Church, Old Basing". This organisation exists to both maintain and refine St. Mary's Church and its grounds. They aim to involve people from throughout the local community and also to include those from beyond Old Basing who have a special affection for the Village and its Church. For further information, write to: The Friends of St. Mary's, The Vicarage, Church Lane, Old Basing, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK. RG24 7DJ.

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