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The Church in Britain

The Official Church of England Web Site: structure, news special events, how to get involved.
Archbishop of Canterbury's Pages  Learn about the archbishop and the office on his offcial site.
The Anglican Communion  News, Views and Links to the Anglican Church around the World.
Anglicans Online  Online Magazine with Anglican News, Resources and Discussions.
Bible Gateway  Fully-searchable, full-text online NIV Bible
Catholic Church in England and Wales  Official statistics, directories and news.
The Catholic Encyclopedia  Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of the Catholic Church, including many British entries.
Church Net UK  Graphically attractive site providing links to Christian resources in the UK and beyond
Cornish Church Tales  Strange things take place in Cornwall, for some reason. Read these stories about some of the churches, there.
Cornish Saints  It is said that there are more saints in Cornwall than in Heaven. Judging by the number of "Saint" place names, that may be true. This site tells the legends of a few Cornish saints.
Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up?  The life of the great saint in story form.
Confession of St. Patrick  The man we call St. Patrick was born in Britain in the late fourth or early fifth century. Here is his story, believed to be actually written by him.
Premier Radio   London's "premier" Christian radio station.
Church of Scotland  Official site of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.
Scottish Episcopal Church  Official site of the Scottish Episcopal Church.
Source Online Archive  Fanscinating Archive of Articles appearing in "Source," the Holy Wells Journal.
Anglican Church in Wales  Official site of the Anglican Church in Wales, in both English and Welsh.

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