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National Welsh-American Foundation A society dedicated to serving all people of Welsh descent and anyone interested in the land, the language, the culture, and the traditions of Wales.

Connections to Wales Portal to all things Welsh: language, culture, tourism, sports, politics, etc.
Brecon Cathedral One of the six Anglican cathedrals in Wales
Castles of Wales A wealth of information about Welsh castles, complete with essays, photos, bios of important people and other Welsh links.
Daily Weather in Wales Shorts? Earmuffs? T-shirt? Parka? Light sweater? Get the daily weather report and find out how to dress appropriately for the weather.
Events and Attractions in Wales A searchable listing of places to go and things to do in when you are in Wales.
Green Mountain College Located in an area of Vermont where there was extensive Welsh settlement, the college has a unique Welsh Heritage program.
New Honno, The Welsh Women's Press publishing books by women from Wales since 1986.
New International Film Festival of Wales
Llys Arthur A scholarly site exploring the documentary support for and Welsh literary manifestations of the Arthurian legend.
Madog Center for Welsh Studies Based at the University of Rio Grande, Ohio.
National Library of Wales Excellent resource for all areas of Welsh studies.
Ninnau Subscribe to the North American monthly paper that exists to bring the Welsh communities together.
North Wales Online The Web index for North Wales.
The Prince, the Poet & the Patriot Pub Online Welsh "pub." Stop in for a "pint" and some conversation.
Snell and Sons The internet's custodian of traditional Welsh music.
Wales General Information Area, population and a few other tidbits.
Wales Tourist Board The official government guide to Wales and its attractions.
West Wales Web The place to discover all you need to know about everything related to West Wales.
Welsh Newspapers Online The one place to find all the major online papers in Wales.
Welsh-American Genealogical Society A North American society dedicated to aiding those researching their Welsh ancestry by all available means.
Y Cymro Welsh language weekly published by the same folks that bring us the "County Times."
Y Lolfa An online newspaper whose purpose is to promote original, popular Welsh-language literature.
The place to meet new friends and interesting people, ask questions, get and give answers and share experiences relating to Wales and Welsh culture. Click.
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