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Posted by: Dafydd Roberts on October 16, 2004
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Posted by ken dodd's dad's dog's dead on October 8, 2004
Subject: Re: Welsh Independence; A step in the right direct
> Owain is right, the English have robbed Wales of its industrial resources. The English talk on about how Wales can not sustain itself economically, why, because the English raped the land, leaving nothing for the Welsh.

I believe that Wales should stand up and emerge from Englands dark shadow, and that we should become a country of our own. We are Celts, our culture almost forgotten and wiped out because of the English. We are a different people whether the English chose to realise it or not is up to them. We can not change the bitter past where the English forced my ancestors to work in the slate, coal and copper mines to their deaths, but we can change the future, and be given our god given right to be who we are, to be Celts, to be Welsh.

Wales needs to wake up to this reality, that we are a dying race, and although efforts are being taken to restore our lost culture, will it last? Look at Cornwall? They were Celts, part of Wales (Look at maps of Wales before the English took over and you will see we owned much more land than today) but the Cornish have lost everything, their language, their flag, everything. It saddens me to think that the same is happening to Scotland and Wales, and that is why Wales should move toward independence.

England doesn't know what this feels like, they have always dominated someone, they don't remember what or how it feels like to have someone of a completely different culture control you, and that is the serious communication problem here. The English always talk bad of the Welsh, why? What have we done wrong? We have given the English the Longbow, with out this they would still be in the dark ages, under Italys rule. What about the coal, without which there would never of been an industrial revolution. The English should just let us go so that we can continue a way of life thousands of years old, disrupted by the greed of the english on OUR land, Cyrmu, the land of compatriots!


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