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Fact About Wales and the Welsh
The following facts, well known to all true Welshmen, are not as well known as they should be to those unfortunate enough to have been born outside Wales.

1. Welshmen may have settled America before Columbus.
2. Canada was explored and mapped by a Welshman.
3. America may have taken its name from a Welshman.
4. Pennsylvania is not named after William Penn.
5. St. Patrick was not an Irishman.
6. Wales is not represented on the British Flag.
7. A pungent vegetable is the national emblem of Wales.
8. The Welsh language is not Gaelic.
9. The modern Olympics did not begin in Athens.
10. A Welshman invented Lawn Tennis in Wales.
11. Welsh Immigrants began The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
12. The Prince of Wales is not Welsh.
13. Golf's Stableford System was invented in Wales.
14. A Welshman was responsible for the mid-19th century US industrial might.
15. The Holy Grail is found in Wales.
16. A Welshman founded The New York Times.
17. A Welsh-American invented the automobile.
18. The world's biggest second-hand bookshop is in Wales.
19. Thanks to a Welshman hanged for murder, Britain has no Death Penalty.
20. The names of three geological divisions are derived from Wales.
21. Tre'r Ceiri is the largest Iron-Age fort in northwestern Europe.
22. A Welshman translated the first English account of the New World.
23. The world's longest railroad station name is in Wales.
24. Welshmen invented two important mathematical symbols.
25. Three leading universities owe their founding to Welshmen.
26. Wales is the most important sheep raising area in Europe.
27. The world's first mail-order shopping began in Newtown, Wales.
28. The last Briton to die in WW I was a Welshman.
29. Welsh gypsies were the last speak Romani in Europe.
30. A Welshman composed the music for the 1998 Academy Awards.
31. A Welshman discovered the link between Asian and European Languages.
32. One of the world's greatest botanic gardens is taking shape in Wales.
33. The earth's highest mountain is named after a Welshman.
34. The world's first wireless transmission took place in Wales.
35. A Welsh amputee conquered Everest.
36. Welshman Overdosed on Valium.
37. Public Enemy Number One was a Welshman.
38. Welsh Prison was Training Ground for IRA.
39. America's Oldest Ethnic Society is Welsh.
40. Cardiff is Home toWorld's Largest Retractable-Roof Arena.
41. The "Ugly House" was was built and inhabited in one day.
42. A Welsh coracle crossed the English Channel in 1974.
43. The Mumbles Swansea Railroad was the first to accept paying passengers.
44. A Welshman was the first to transmit and receive radio waves

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