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The World of the Celts: Reading List
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Bulfinch, Thomas
Bulfinch's Mythology
New York. NY: Dell Publishing Co, l962.

Cunliffe, Barry
The Celtic World: An Illustrated History of the Celtic Race
New York. NY: Crown Publishers, l979.

Ross, Ann and Michael Cyprien
A Traveller's Guide to Celtic Britain
Harrisbug, PA: Historical Times, INc., l985.

Colley, Linda
Britons: Forging the Nation l707 - l837
New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, l992.

Beveridge, Craig and Ronald Turnbull
The Eclipse of Scottish Culture: Inferiorism and the Intellectuals
Edinburgh: Polygon, l989.

Fenwick, Hubert
The Auld Alliance
Kineton, The Roundwood Press, l97l.

Duncan, Archibald A. M.
Scotland: The Making of the Kingdom
NewYork, NY: Barnes and Noble, l975.

Maclean, Fitzroy
A Concise History of Scotland
New York, NY: Viking Press, l970.

Dickinson, William Croft
Scotland from the Earliest Times to l603
London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, l96l.

Pryde, George S.
Scotland from l603 to the Present Day
London: Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, l962.

Muir, Richard
Shell Guide to Reading the Celtic Landscapes
London: Michael Joseph, l985.

Bennett, Carol
In Search of the Red Dragon: The Welsh in Canada.
Renfrew, Ontario: Juniper Books, l985.

Gray, Alisdair
Independence: Why Scots Should Rule Scotland.
Edinburgh: Cannongate Press, l992.

Brock, William R
Scotus Americanus.
Edinburgh: University Press, l982.

Harvie, Christopher
Cultural Weapons: Scotland and Survival in a New Europe.
Edinburgh: Polygon, l992.

Finlay, Richard J.
A Partnership for Good? Scottish Politics and the Union Since l880
Edinburgh: John Donald, l997.

Daiches, David
Scotland and the Union
London: John Murray, l977.

Williams, Peter N.
David Thomas: Man of Iron
Trucksville, PA: NWAF, l997.

Donaldson, Gordon and Robert S. Morpeth
Who's Who in Scottish History
Pen y Bont ar Ogwr: Welsh Academic Press, l996.

Davies, John
A History of Wales
Penguin Books, l993

Baugh, Albert C. Ed
A Literary History of England
New York, NY: Appleton-Century-Crofts Ltd, l948.

Bumstead, J. M.
The Scots in Canada
Ottowa: The Canadian Historical Association, l982.

MacKay, Donald
Scotland Farewell: The People of the Hector
Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, l980.

Freeman Gary P and James Jupp, Eds.
Nations of Immigrants
Melbourne: Oxford Univ. Press, l992

Sherington, Geoffrey
Australia's Immigrants l788-l978
Sydney: George Allen and Unwin, l980.

Belick, James. Making Peoples
A History of the New Zealanders.
Honolulu: Univ. of Hawaii Press, l996

Price, Charles, Ed
Australian Immigration: A Bibliography and Digest
Canberra: Austrial National University, l970.

Mills, Richard Charles
The Colonization of Australia (l829-l842)
London: Davisons of Pall Mall, l968.

MacMillan, David S.
Scotland and Australia l788-l850
Oxford: The Clarendon Press, l967.

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