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Peter Quinel
(died 1291)

Bishop of Exeter
Died: 1st October 1291 in Exeter, Devon

Peter Quinel was a native of Exeter, son of one Peter Quinel Senior and his wife, Helen. He was the protegé of Bishop Branscombe of that city and rose through the church to become Archdeacon of St. David's, before succeeding his mentor in the Devon Bishopric in 1280. He continued the works of his predecessor in his cathedral: altering the lady-chapel and forming the transepts out of Bishop Warelwast's towers. The general design of the existing cathedral was, no doubt, his. Bishop Quinel (whose confessor was a Dominican) is said to have dealt harshly with the Franciscans, who uncharitably attributed his death, which occurred on St. Francis' Eve, "whilst the Bishop was drinking of a certain syrup," to the vengeance of their patron saint. His tombstone, with the line, "Petra tegit Petrum nihil officiat sibi tetrum," lies in the centre of the Lady-chapel. He set forth lengthy constitutions in a diocesanal synod.

Edited from Richard John King's "Handbook to the Cathedrals of England: Southern Division" (1903).

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