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Tutgual Tutclyd,
King of Strathclyde
(born c.510)

(Welsh-Tudwal, Latin-Theodovellaunus, English-Theowald)

The eldest son of King Cedic of Strathclyde, Tutgual has the intriguing epithet of 'Defender of the People'. He was presumably a warrior king who protected his subjects from the onslaught of invasion, a common threat in Dark Age Britain. His military prowess is further indicated by his whetstone being listed as one of the 'Thirteen Treasures of Britain'. It is said it would sharpen the weapon of a brave man so that a wound from his blade would be certain to be fatal; whilst it would not only blunt the weapon of a coward, but render it incapable of harming anyone.

Tutgual married and had sons, Riderch (his primary successor), Morcant, Culfulch and Ardderchddrud, and a daughter, Gwenfron. His wife is however, variously (and dubiously) recorded as Elufed, daughter of Peredur ap Morhen and great grandaughter of King Ednyfed of Dyfed, or Ethni Wyddeles, presumably an Irishwoman.


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